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Find The Best NFT Wallpaper (4K) For Your Devices Needs

Finding the best NFT wallpaper doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s much simpler nowadays. 

There are numerous wallpaper websites or apps available with a few finger touches. Each gives you multiple 4K options and makes it effortless. However, since there’s so much choice, finding the perfect wallpaper for you can be overwhelming. 

Our article will explain where you can download an nft wallpaper directly from your phone and how to curate many options into something more digestible.

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Whether you change your phone’s wallpaper daily, once a month, or annually, these methods for finding the best nft wallpaper can all work. Typically, changing a wallpaper feels like a fresh or new beginning. So take the chance to find the perfect wallpaper for your needs. 

Let’s dive in with the basics: 

How to Find the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Phone 

You should ask yourself three questions before changing the wallpaper on your smartphone. 

When curating nft wallpapers, you’ll want to consider the following: 

1. How Much White Space Is in the Background? 

You’re looking for backgrounds that aren’t too busy or noisy. Backgrounds with many items will conflict with the colors of each app. 

Since you can’t control how many colors the apps will have, it’s better to look for backgrounds with 2-4 colors. Neutral colors like black or white work best. 

2. Is It a Character or Object That Has Meaning? 

Finding the perfect wallpaper comes with understanding what you’re comfortable seeing daily. Wallpapers can sometimes feel invisible or irrelevant because you become familiar with them. 

It feels a lot better when you can open your phone, and it makes you smile because it’s meaningful or personal to you. 

3. Would You Be Proud to Share It? 

Sometimes you have a group of friends or others ask you to take a screenshot of your phone background. It can even be by accident, so you want your wallpaper to represent you and be something you’re excited about showing off. 

Also, keeping a wallpaper that’s appropriate and clear of unnecessary suggestions helps. 

Now let’s get into where you can get a phone wallpaper you’ll fancy. 

Where to Download An NFT Wallpaper for Your Phone

You’ll find the highest quality wallpapers by searching the following places: 

1. Unsplash or Deviantart – Easy, Mobile Friendly & Free


The search option within Unsplash or Udeviant can narrow down royalty-free images for use. As a result, you can see a wide range of images worth looking at, and by using tags, you can quickly find what you are looking for with little effort.  

2. Wallpaper Apps – Easy, Mobile Friendly & Free 


Vellum Wallpapers ( )

  • Provide android users with the best wallpapers curated by humans after sorting through thousands.


Walli Wallpapers ( )

  •  Pick out of 1,000s of mobile wallpapers directly from an app on your phone. All artists on the platform earn money when you download the free mobile wallpapers. 


Wall Paper Access ( )

  • Find the top 55 monkey ape nft wallpapers with little effort and download the full-size image. 

3. Social Media – Easy, Mobile Friendly & Free


Pinterest (

  • This allows users to link directly to the image, allowing others to download it. 

Reddit: (

  • Which has subreddits where they have community members scale the size of an image to 4K to make it high-quality. 
  • Search for a specific nft project name like ‘azuki’ using the word ‘nft wallpaper’ right after it. It’ll give you multiple options of specific nft project wallpapers for both desktop and mobile devices. 

4. NFT Marketplaces – Medium Effort, Mobile Friendly & Free

If you own an NFT, you can download the original file from the marketplace and replace the image. However, if you do not own the image, it’s best not to use it as your background unless you feel compiled to do it. 


5. Create Your Own Using Canva – high effort, requires computer & free

The simplest way to get an nft wallpaper worth showing off comes from having a photo (Jpg) you find valuable. There’s nothing better than using an NFT you own and possibly already use for your profile picture on social media. 

Do you have an NFT within a smart wallet? If so, you can download that non-fungible token and use Canva to edit it into a phone template. 

  1. First, download the image to the platform where your NFT exists. Once you’ve downloaded the image, you can upload it to Canva. 
  2. Use the ‘Lock Screen iPhone Wallpaper’ template within Canva. 
  3. Take the image uploaded into Canva and drag it into the phone template option.

You can also set your iPhone wallpaper to change automatically so you can wake up in everyday with a new wallpaper:

Our Curated Best NFT Wallpaper Bundle (Ready For Download) 

We’ve curated 25+ NFT Wallpaper for mobile devices to help fellow nft collectors, investors, and flippers save time in finding the premium options. 

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