Logan Paul NFT 99 Originals Collection

Logan Paul 99 Originals NFT Collection

Who’s Logan Paul?

For those who haven’t heard of Logan Paul before, his ultimate goal in life is to become the ‘biggest entertainer’ in the world. At the age of 28, he’s already accomplished so much.

Logan Paul’s a Top Paid Youtuber, Self-Made Millionaire, and Professional Boxer who recently had a sold-out match with Floyd Mayweather. Also, Logan attended WWE Wrestle Mania, was Grandpa Monster on Masked Singer, and starred on Disney Channel. 

Hosts a podcast called “Impaulsive,” featuring celebrities from famous musicians such as Machine Gun Kelly, Tekashi Six Nine, etc., to inspirational speakers like Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins. 

Logan Paul launched a new company in the nft space called ‘liquiditymarket.io,’ where he’s bringing fractionalization to non-fungible tokens to give everyone a chance to own top-tier digital or physical assets. 

Now Logan Paul is launching his first-ever NFT collection. 

What are 99 Originals? 

Represents ’99 original photos’ by Logan Paul using a polaroid camera over 99 days. Each photo becomes a 1 to 1 NFT that ties back to his life and expresses his artistic journey. His goal was to take the “craziest, coolest” photo he could for 99 days and to capture the most amazing moments with complete authenticity. 

Each is curated based on selecting only the best, where you follow him through travel and outrageous adventures new to him. 

Holders of this nft will get a physical photo of the 1/1 NFTs, PSA sealed and certified. 

When Will 99 Originals NFT Launch?

99 Originals NFT Launch Date is April 18th and will be available for 24 hours. You can purchase an NFT at Originals.com. 

Are 99 Originals Worth Investing in for the Long Haul?

What differentiates Logan Paul’s nft collection is how they will have a DOA, unlike most nft projects. What’s a DOA? A DAO is a non-hierarchical organization governed by a collection of people who set their own rules and make decisions based on smart contracts on the blockchain.

Those who become a holder will get a seat at the DOA, giving them control over the direction of the nft project itself. 

99 Originals will increase in value over time and provide utility to exclusive events hosted by Logan Paul himself. 

According to Logan Paul’s Twitter, he announced holders of Original NFTs would get the following: 

  1. Unique perks/utilities for specific Originals
  2. Access to High Resolution (1GB+) scan of their Original
  3. Ability to redeem the physical 1/1 Original, authenticated & slabbed by PSA
  4. Membership to @OriginalsDAO
  5. 1 Original = 1 Vote

When a member of @OriginalsDAO

  1. Purchasing digital and physical assets
  2. Managing assets held in the Treasury
  3. Funding projects by members
  4. Access to exclusive events
  5. Topic suggestions or guests for IMPAULSIVE
  6. Sponsoring artists, showcases & activations

It’s a project that has the potential to become a blue-chip nft project since Beeple endorses it and is 100% unique. 

Watch Logan Paul’s NFT trailer for more information: 

Also, Andrei Jikh has an exclusive interview with Logan Paul about 99 Originals:

What Camera Does Logan Paul Use for 99 Originals

Logan Paul uses a ‘Polaroid OneStep+ Black (9015) Bluetooth Connected Instant Film Camera’ found on Amazon or at local retailers like Walmart or Target. The average price of this Polaroid camera ranges between $230 to $350 depending on the model you get.

Most Expensive 99 Originals

Out of the first 25 original photos #8 had a winning bid of  60.69 ETH, #14 had a winning bid of 46.5 and #19 had a winning bid of 40.25 ETH. If the ETH is worth $3,000 these non-fungible tokens will be worth the following:

  1. Photo #8: “NFTs = nice fkn titties” sold for 60.69 ETH (if value of 1 ETH = $3,000 then it would be worth $182,070)
  2. Photo #14: “42 Bored Ape” sold for 46.5 ETH (if value of 1 ETH = $3,000 then it would be worth $139,500)
  3. Photo #19:somewhere warm” sold for 40.25 ETH (if value of 1 ETH = $3,000 then it would be worth $120,750)

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