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How to Hire An NFT Artist Smartly | Utlimate Guide

The process to hire an NFT artist will save you time, allow your organization to get more done faster, and give you a competitive advantage to help you stand out from the rest. However, hiring takes a clear understanding of the nft project’s scope, budget, and (short/long term) goals. 

We share the different types of nft artists you should consider before hiring to ensure you fit the right person into the proper role. In addition, our article discusses where you can find an NFT artist and how much it’ll cost you on average to bring them aboard the team. 

Setting a solid foundation for getting started is necessary, and we wrote an article about nft team organizational structures, which you may find value in as well. However, the first step is understanding why you need an nft artist. 

Let’s dive in: 

Why Hire an NFT Artist

There are numerous reasons to hire an nft artist; however, they all boil down to three essential aspects of launching an nft project for the first time. 

1. Save time

Not everyone is creative or has the skill-set, and nft artist does to produce high-top tier digital collectibles for others. So save the time it would take to learn those skills or do it yourself. 

It’ll allow you to focus on more critical items like defining future roadmap plans and how you’ll sell these NFTs by introducing exciting utilities. 

2. Get more done faster 

Every project moves more efficiently when you do it with a team, and you’ll get more accomplished in less time while not jeopardizing quality. 

A skilled nft artist can take your nft project to the next level and get you on the right track in no time. 

Relying on others is essential when you are going on a new journey, and these artists have the experience and tribe knowledge because they’ve learned from their mistakes in the past. 

3. Stand out from the rest 

An nft artist with an original style is priceless and can be an invaluable asset to your team, giving your nft project a competitive advantage. 

Finding someone who’s passionate about the project’s core message and has an artistic eye that sees different perspectives will only evaluate the collection to the next level. 

It would help if you had different perspectives to make a product (in this case, the digital collection) better over time, and you’ll want an nft artist on your side along the way. 

Deciding Between a Full-Time vs. Freelance NFT Artist

According to Indeed.com, an nft earns $32.6K – $41.2K with 2+ years of professional experience in the fine art industry. However, a full-time senior nft artist can make up an estimated $63.3K – $80.1K a year.

As demand increases for digital artists with blockchain technology experience, their salaries will increase. Determine your project’s budget, scope, and goals to decide if you can hire these talented artists.

1. Budget: Costs Matter For Hiring NFT Artists  

Understand how economics works when investing in hiring an nft artist for the first time. For example, how much can you afford to pay your artist, and for how long? While the nft project, in the beginning, will likely not be profitable, you’ll need to know the breakeven point and work your way backward. 

For example, will the artist charge you per piece if you plan to produce an nft project with 10,000 tokens? If they charge $25 an nft, then that’s $25K. 

However, if an nft artist charges by the hour an hourly rate of $125 and can knock out ten tokens. Then the artist will need at least 1,000 to get down 10,000 nfts, which comes out to $125K. It adds up quickly, so you’ll want to know the cost breakdown.

Of course, software like adobe illustrator or photoshop can help reduce the number of NFTs by creating generative non-fungible tokens instead of original 1 of 1 NFTs. However, budget and how the artist charges for their work still impact if they should be full-time or freelance. 

2. Scope: Size of Project Matter For Hiring NFT Artists

Getting clear on how big the nft project will become decide between full-time and freelance. 

Like our above example, you may not need 10,000 non-fungible tokens and would only prefer to do 2,500 NFTs. Going with an nft artist who charges hourly makes a lot of sense since it’d only cost an estimated $31,250 if the rate were at $125. 

You’ll also want to determine if you’ll need the nft artist to design your website or specific landing pages. Or if you need them to create an nft logo. Each is an essential component of an excellent nft launch. 

In these cases, it makes more sense to hire someone full-time because you’ll have the set time to take on various design projects, and you won’t be charged multiple times for each component. 

However, the economics must make sense. For example, if you hired a freelancer, they’d charge you $350 for a logo design, $1,200 for a website, and the 25K for the non-fungible tokens, resulting in an estimated $26,550. Much lower than hiring a full-time, so you must know what you want before starting. 

Break down your scope into individual line items and understand what goes into each and how much we are willing to spend on each. 

3. Long vs. Short term: Goals Matter For Hiring NFT Artists 

Lastly, understanding your short-term goals and your long-term goals. Have a roadmap to keep you on track with your nft project and use it to determine who needs to be hired and at what time. 

For example, if the roadmap says you plan to launch your website in the next quarter and don’t have a design yet, you’ll want to hire an nft artist specializing in building websites. 

However, if you have many months before building your website, you may not need to hire someone right away. 

Save the money and use it when you need to. 

The same goes for when your site launch and you have a profitable nft project. You can then reinvest that money into hiring a full-time nft artist compared to relying on freelancers. 

What Are the Types of NFT Artists?

Understand the type of specialist you are hiring, and you’ll be able to communicate your vision for the project with ease. 

Each is their specialist and tends to stay in their lane while taking on new projects. 

  1. NFT Illustrators: Specializes in conceptual art, digital art, and fantasy/game artwork. 
  2. NFT Animators: Specializes in motion art, film art, and anime artwork. 
  3. NFT Musicians: Specializes in music, audio, and singing. 
  4. NFT Graphic Designers: Specializes in typography, commercial design, and logos. 
  5. NFT Painters: Specializes in paint, watercolors, and murals. 

You may need multiple artists on your time; however, remember the economics because most nft artists do not work for free.

Where to Find an NFT Artist Quickly

Numerous remote work outsourcing options allow you to connect with nft artists directly and pay for their services. These places offer NFT Illustrators, NFT Animators, and more, all have different pricing structures, and it’ll take time to find the right artists worth hiring. 

1. Fiverr 

Fiverr NFT Costs

If you are looking for an affordable and cheap alternative to hiring a specialist, Fiverr is a great option. You can find nft artists who will charge $5 for 100 NFTs; however, they require you to provide your artwork first as a point of reference before they get started. 

Understand how many non-fungible tokens you want to produce before making your order; for example, 1 out of 5 NFTs will make those less rare than 1 out of 1,000. 

2. UpWork 

Upwork NFT Costs

Get professional graphic designers who work on a project basis or hourly rate. Costs are higher when going to Upwork than a Fiverr; however, the quality also increases when paying a premium. 

3. Facebook Groups 

Facebook NFT Costs

Like job hunting, there are communities online where they allow you to post a job ad asking for nft artists. Using Facebook groups, you can locate the best artists who are local to you, giving you the option to work with them in person so they can see your vision. 

4. Other NFT Projects 

NFT Team Hiring NFT Artist

Go to a specific nft project you’ve been monitoring or have seen on OpenSea and visit their website. Typically, these websites have a ‘meet a team’ page, which gives names and email addresses. 

If you find an nft artist that you enjoy their work, there’s a chance they are open to doing freelance work outside of their main nft project. 

It doesn’t hurt to ask; while it’s not guaranteed, these nft artists make a living creating and are willing to collaborate if the opportunity is available. 

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an NFT Artist?

NFT artists charge anywhere between $100-$350 for one base NFT + accessories, and when looking to scale to 5,000 or 10,000 non-fungible tokens, this could cost around $2,000 to $4,000. 

Fiverr NFT Gig Example

If you were to purchase a gig from Fiverr, you’d want to consider how many character designs they’ll provide. Unfortunately, most only include one character design and charge up to $75-$125 for it alone. 

Base NFT vs. Traits/Accessories

Understand that a base + accessories make an nft, and each is the cost you need to consider when hiring an nft artist. 

It’s common for artists to charge you $40 for only one base nft + 10 accessories, so you need to be careful not to go over budget. 

What’s a Base NFT? 

Your base nft is the object that stays consistent in every piece of art. 

For example, bored apes use a monkey as their base. Once you’ve picked your base nft, you can then make suggestions for which accessories. 

A base nft monkey + a space suit would turn into space monkey nft. 

What’s an Accessory for NFTs? 

NFT accessories are considered attributes such as facial expressions, hair, eyes, ears, etc. These are also called ‘Traits’ and are defined upfront before the character creation process is complete.

Some Fiverr gigs will offer to design 170 Traits/Accessories, making them all unique and different. It’s up to the nft artist to charge for these separately or to include them on the page. 

Why You Need a Roadmap Before Hiring an NFT Artist

Before launching an NFT, you’ll want to have a vision that sets your long- and short-term goals. Taking time to think through how much you are willing to spend on an nft artist and deciding on hiring a full-time or freelance will save you a headache. 

Start by adding hiring an nft artist to your roadmap and begin the planning process. 

Here’s what you need

  1. Number of NFT art pieces within the collection 
  2. Vision with sketches for NFT artist to reference 
  3. Number of Traits/Accessories to create rarity 

Getting inspiration from other nft projects compiled and organized will help you hire an NFT artist because they’ll ask you questions you’ll want to get organized for once hired. 

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