Best NFT Communities on Discord

11 Best NFT Communities on Discord For Collectors

Which nft discord community should you join first? We analyzed over 20+ nft discord communities to determine what makes a community worth joining and which are the best for nft collectors, no matter where you are in the journey. 

We want to help you find the best nft communities for you and the type of nft collection you have the most interest in at this time. Most communities have too much spam, lack strict guidelines to prevent scammers, and aren’t worth joining due to lack of activity. 

We wanted to analyze which discord communities are most effective in providing utility and promise to their members, supporting their blockchains, crypto coins, and nft projects. 

What is a nft discord community? 

A nft discord community is a centralized place for collectors, investors, and those with similar interests to meet, chat and connect about Non-Fungible Tokens, often aiding the sale or trading of these digital collectibles, among others. 

What type of discord communities are there? 

There are three major types of nft discord communities’ collectors could join to connect with like-minded people: NFT Flipping discords, Cyptro Gaming discords & Sports NFT discords. Of course, all nft discords have pros and cons; however, collectors should consider which works best for them. 

Decide on your interests, what nft projects you collect or want to start collecting, and your comfort level with meeting new people. 

1. NFT Flipping Discord Server 

Finds opportunities to buy NFTs for low prices, watch them grow, and then sell when the price or value is high. Most entrepreneurs or investors will look for communities like this. 

These tend to be discord servers of nft marketplaces themselves, for example, Open Seas, Atomic Hub, and Wax Blockchain. Each announces when new nft projects will hit their marketplace. 

It’s a fantastic discord community if you want to meet new people in the crypto space to make a quick buck or earn some extra profit for the year. 

2. Crypto Gaming Discord Server

Will focus on blockchain games that help you earn crypto coins while you play and win rewards for interacting with the games built on that network. Most gamers will join a community like this. 

For example, those who play games like ‘The SandBox’ to earn crypto and buy nfts will also enjoy these types of discord communities. 

It’s another type of discord community that works excellent for those interested in earning to play on the blockchain or the Metaverse and see what the future of gaming will be like for them in years to come. 

3. Sports NFT Discord Community

Sports discords provide meaningful exchanges between sports fans about player stats, teams performance, and the love of the game. 

For example, NBA Top Shot helps capture moments of sports history in the form of NFTs for sale as digital collectibles. 

It’s for sports fans of all kinds, from Football, Baseball, Basketball, and even Boxing. A community that may be smaller in size than most, however, they get to hang out with super fans who love to collect sports memorable, whether that’s physical or digital collectibles. 

What makes a nft community good? 

Finding a good discord server to join that’s welcoming and supportive doesn’t have to be complicated; you need to know what to look for and how to find it. 

A good nft community considers these five attributes and core values, and the nft collector’s interest plays a significant role in if they’d enjoy their time there. 

      • Active – frequency of posting at all times in a day.  
      • Supportive – You Win, We All Win. 
      • Helpful – You stuck; we’re here for you. 
      • Non-Judgmental – Ask any question.  
      • Safe – Removes scammers and spam quickly. 

Below, we’ve outlined a list of the best NFT communities you can join based on these attributes. 

Top 11 List of NFT Server’s Discord for Collectors 

Most digital communities for NFT collectors are on Discord and enable members to meet, chat, and connect. 

It’s becoming a popular platform since competing against company platforms like Microsoft Teams, Skype, and FB Groups in bringing tribes together to do things.

Recently, Discord expressed it is looking into creating IPOs in 2022 after declining an offer to sell 

7 Potential IPOs in 2022: Discord Investing 

Biggest NFT Discord Servers – Best NFT Communities 

1. Open Sea – 

OpenSea Discord Channel

Open Sea was the first nft marketplace and became the most prominent place to buy and sell NFTs with scale. Making its Discord community even more popular as new NFT collectors look to get involved with learning the roles of flipping NFTs. 


      • One of the safest to be a part of is that no one from the Open Sea will directly DM you. 
      • Allow for self-promotion with a dedicated service channel for it. 


      • Over 44+ channels making it a large Discord community with lots of variety.  

The total count of members and growing is over 205,609+ with anywhere between 20K to 45K active members online at one given moment. 

2. Vee Friends – 

VeeFriends Discord Server

Vee Friends discord is an extension of the Vee Friends digital nft marketplace where you can sell Gary Vee’s nfts to other collectors, and it gives you exclusive access to Vee Con and NFT convention Gary Vee is hosting. 

If you’ve been following Gary Vee for some time, you know he always says to watch what he does, and you’ll learn a lot about marketing. 

He started drawing with color markers these characters and putting specific words to them, like his patience pig nft. 

After posting photos to his Twitter and taking photos of the physical piece of art, he launched Vee Friends, a digital nft marketplace, to sell his nfts. 


      • Met other Vee Friend nft collectors holding these nfts for more significant future gains.
      •  Gain 3-year access to the exclusive Vee Con nft convention. 


      • Exclusive to Vee Friends nfts and can’t sell anything else within the marketplace. 

The total count of members and growing is over 247,815+ with anywhere between 30K to 55K active members online at one given moment. 

3. Atomic Hub –

AtomicHub Discord Community

Atomic Hub is a secondary marketplace where nft collectors can buy, sell and trade their nfts at no cost because they do not require gas fees. 


        • It has a great Ask Me Anything channel with giveaways.
        • Separate dedicated areas to promote your projects depend on if it is WAX or EOS 


        • Since it’s a secondary marketplace, most specific project conversations are within WAX blockchain discord.

The total count of members and growing is over 14,090+ with anywhere between 5K to 7K active members online at one given moment. 

4. WAX Blockchain – 

WAX Blockchain Discord Community

WAX Blockchain is a technology like no other with no gas fees for making transactions and runs on the safe proof of stake system that’s far more efficient than other blockchains. They set up a discord community for developers to discuss features, details and troubleshoot problems regarding the blockchain. 

Although, other collectors of nfts also join and use this server to stay up to date on the latest nft project announcements. 


        • Has a dedicated channel per each nft project dropped on WAX blockchain. 
        • Stay in the know about the latest upcoming nft projects because of announcements made in the Discord first. 
        • Met fellow collectors who use the blockchain and have common questions to help them get started trading wax nfts. 


        • NFT projects announced sometimes take a while to get added to the discord channel or token head app.

The total count of members and growing is over 80,699+ with anywhere between 10K to 25K active members online at one given moment. 

5. Rarible – 

Rarible Discord Server

Rarible is a nft marketplace dedicated to making the minting and selling, buying, or trading nfts easy using the Ethereum blockchain. It gives NFT minters two options, ‘Put on Sale’ or ‘Instant Sales Price,’ and they can list using any crypto coin that’s specific to that blockchain. 

Rarible’s discord community has a ‘How to Rarible’ channel, which lays out all the first steps you need to know for minting and using their nft marketplace. 


        •  Have ‘voice channels’ called Stages, allowing others to join conversations similar to Twitter Spaces to discuss NFT art. 
        • Has channels about the Metaverse to go beyond NFTs and talk about future innovations 


        •  Admins sometimes reply slowly since the community is more significant than most. 

The total count of members and growing is over 105,655+ with anywhere between 3K to 5K active members online at one given moment. 

Crypto Gaming Discord Servers – Best NFT Communities 

6. The AXION Crypto-Community –

Axion Discord Server

Axion Games was the outsourcing partner for epic games, which created Fortnite, Gears of War, and other popular games. In addition, Axion has a gaming discord focused on their lineup of games on the blockchain. 

Here are more details on how Axion Games will be introducing a new form of online gaming on the blockchain. 


        •  Avoids scammers by having humans verify that they are not a robot using a captcha. 
        • You have to have an account to be a part of the community. 


        • There are only three rules for the discord community. 

The total count of members and growing is over 12,304+ with anywhere between 500 to 1K active members online at one given moment. 

7. StarShip NFT Game –

The Star Ship Discord NFT Community

StarShip NFT gaming requires holding $STARSHIP tokens to gain access and remain in the game. It’s a strategy-based play-to-earn game on the blockchain growing in popularity every day. Their discord community helps players interact with each other and learn how to check your starship’s attributes.


        • Like Axion Games, it requires verifying that you are a human using a captcha. 
        • It has a ‘Wallet Setup Guide’ and other informative channels like ‘Announcements,’ so you are always in the loop on the latest happenings with the game. 


        • There are a small number of channels available to have conversations with others.  

The total count of members and growing is over 17,688+ with anywhere between 1K to 3K active members online at one given moment. 

8. The SandBox Game –

The SandBox NFT Community Server

The SandBox Game allows players to create their worlds using unique objects similar to a Minecraft game, except earning while playing. Any assets you create will be on the blockchain. 

Additionally, players can invite other players to their own created worlds, making the experience even better. The discord community allows those players to interact and meet via text or voice. 

When in the SandBox game’s discord community, you can have one of these four roles: 

  1. Gamer: Someone who plays the game and is a part of the community. 
  2. Creator: Someone who creates game assets and is a part of the community. 
  3. Crypto Enthusiast: Loves all crypto info and is a part of the community. 
  4. Nitro Booster: Boost their server using Discord Nitro. 


        • Like other games, it requires verifying that you are a human by using a captcha. 
        • Unlike most other discord servers, you can join ‘events’ and ‘contests.’ unlike most other discord servers. 
        • You can also put your SandBox game assets up for sale within the discord community. 
        • It also has a hire section allowing conversations around hiring developers or designers to help build your assets. 


        •  Grew extremely fast making innovation for the game slow down a bit. 

The total count of members and growing is over 255,879+ with anywhere between 24K to 30K active members online at one given moment. 

Sports NFT Discord Servers – Best NFT Communities 

9. NFL All Day –

NFL Discord NFT Community

NFL All Day is the official NFL NFT project with a community that accesses exclusive clips, photos, and historical stats in American football. In addition, NFL’s NFT marketplace will allow collectors to sell, trade, and buy different variant NFTs. The NFL team partnered with Dapper Labs and created a discord community to help bring the project to a whole new level. 


        •  Packs provide ‘Legendary, Rare & Common’ NFTs available 
        • Lots of anticipation for the NFT marketplace 


        •  It’s in beta currently and exclusive to random members who are only a part of the Discord.

The total count of members and growing is over 24,390+ with anywhere between 5K to 8K active members online at one given moment. 

10. Topps NFTs – 

Topps NFT Community

Topps NFTs are for sports lovers, especially those who enjoy baseball. They originally moved from WAX to a different blockchain and started to offer these nft digital collectibles on their platform instead. The discord community has sports fans trading their MLB cards with each other and offers a safe place to root on their favorite team. 



        •  Moving from WAX to their platform confused because now they have a channel in the WAX discord as well

The total count of members and growing is over 4,350+ with anywhere between 800 to 1K active members online at one given moment. 

11. NBA Top Shot –

NBA Top Shot NFT Community Server

NBA Top Shot brings fans together by offering exclusive moments, clips, and digital collectibles for the NBA. It’s the one place to go if you are a Basketball fan and want to support your favorite team or player. In addition, NBA Top Shot’s discord community is warm and welcoming, offering new info on the latest NBA packs and more. 


        • Explains how to use collabland and connect your NBA Top Shot account properly. 
        • Helpful for those who are just getting started with collecting Basketball nfts. 


        •  No verification is needed to gain access to this discord community. 
        • There are fewer channels than most discord communities because of support. 

The total count of members and growing is over 255,597+ with anywhere between 28K to 35K active members online at one given moment. 

Finding an NFT Community Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. 

Recommend you join the nft community that aligns most with your interests at this time and see what it’s entirely about by accepting the invite. 

Also, remember crypto gaming discord servers have far more requirements to verify if you are a human than the others. So be safe when joining and participating in Discord because you don’t know who in the nft community. 

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