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Best NFT Renting Platform To Watch During Bear Markets (Top 5)

finaWhat’s the best nft renting platform, and how does nft renting work? We explain what NFT renting means, which platforms are performing this best, and how to take advantage of nft renting during a bear market.  

For starters, the bear market is not a period of collapse but rather an opportune time to invest profitably. 

Therefore, discovering gems among the various NFT projects available today is essential. Consider looking for upcoming nft projects with blue-chip qualities

You will most likely profit from reputable projects if you take the time to discover which crypto coins or nft projects are worth considering and invest in them as soon as they become accessible.

Let’s dive in. 

What is NFT Renting? 

NFT Renting is the act of lending a non-fungible token by leveraging collateral for temporary use or ownership. All parties benefit: the token holder receives passive income, and the borrower receives a utility included in the token.

If a player does not want to buy expensive items, he can rent them for a while. Similar to the fractionalization of digital assets, individuals can reduce the cost to something more affordable. 

Likewise, when the NFT contains access to services, you can rent it for the period you need those services. There are an infinite number of applications for this technology. 

NFT Renting Continues to Increase In Popularity 

NFT renting changes the fundamental way we perceive the digital collectible world. 

One of the most exciting and viable is the continuation of the current sharing economy, which has become available due to the emergence of NFT renting technology.

That’s where NFT renting becomes the dominant business model for nft investors and collectors. Now there’s finicinal services, like establishing an NFT renting platform that’s emerging to take advantage of this business model.

It is difficult to argue with the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens that go beyond the concept of collectibles and expand their usefulness. 

Creating utility within an NFT project becomes table stakes for launching a successful digital collection. The NFT boom of 2021 naturally led to various economic models associated with this digital asset. But the NFT infrastructure — marketplaces, tokenomics, and data management systems — is still in its early stages of development. 

An area that expects to grow in 2022+, and companies starting their journey here will likely become market leaders.

It would be best to stay aware of which nft platforms are offering this new collection method. 

NFT Renting Platforms to Keep an Eye On

1. ReNFT


ReNFT is a multichain renting protocol that implements NFT renting and lending on the Ethereum mainnet. In addition to digital assets, reNFT provides renting tangible assets such as real estate tokenized.

reNFT allows NFT owners to put them to work by renting them out for a set price, duration, and collateral amount.

Scholarship Automation is also available on the platform, automatically distributing income between the lender and the renter. 

So, for example, if a gamer rents an in-game NFT and receives income, he may not pay the rent but share a pre-defined revenue with the lender.

2. IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol NFT Renting Platform

IQ Protocol is a Defi risk-free protocol for NFTs and fungible tokens renting without collateral. By offering this solution, IQ Labs is helping to rethink the approach to NFT tokens.

Two main elements work in the IQ Protocol platform: IQVerses (service providers or asset owners) and Warpers (contracts deployed to create an entitlement to selected NFTs). 

IQ Protocol does not transfer the original asset to the borrower but issues an expiring version of the NFT. This wrapped version, which contains all the unique features and metadata, is transferred to the borrower while the original assets are stored securely in locked intelligent contracts.

With this model, a new concept of the economy of using NFT appears, taking into account the interests of all participants in the process.

3. Vera

Vera NFT Lending Rental Platform

Vera is a multichain Defi protocol for NFT rentals and mortgages. Founded in 2021, Vera launched its Ethereum leading net network last December and made collateral-free metaverse NFTs renting possible.

The platform supports Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain transactions. One of the main features of this platform is Vera Metaverse Mortgages. 

Additionally, Vera’s integrations allow users to receive funding to purchase their desired virtual property NFTs. In addition, they have several options to pay for the assets. 

For example, this can include uncollateralized seller financing, collateralized network financing, and uncollateralized network financing.

4. Trava Protocol

Trava NFT Renting Platform Lending Borrow

Trava is a decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending. The owners of dormant gaming NFTs earn passive income by lending digital assets. In addition, they can independently create and manage their lending pools.

Cross-chain data analysis on multiple blockchains is available on Trava. Thus, the system recommends optimal pool parameters for its owners and can detect suspicious transactions. 

This lending market model increases the liquidity of the cryptocurrency and leads to the expansion of the Defi ecosystem.

On the Trava platform, users can use NFTs, stock tokens, or smart contracts as collateral, which increases the liquidity of these assets. But, first, the assets get sold at auctions, and the winners are involved in the lending contract.

As a result, they can own the digital asset at a low price or earn revenue from the contract. It creates a win-win situation no matter the experience. 

5. Defy

Deefy NFT Renting Platform

Defy is a decentralized multichain protocol that provides NFTs rental, lending, and mortgage. However, developers can see that liquidity of the NFT appears only in the event of the sale; the asset does not have liquidity. 

Defy platform includes several products to satisfy users’ needs: NFT P2P Loaning, NFT Instant Loaning, NFT Renting, and NFT Mortgage. 

Defy uses an internal algorithm to calculate the Deefy Score, which determines the LTV of the user’s collateral. 

In addition, it analyzes wallet histories, transactions, and portfolios. As a result, the score of the collateral NFT also affects the score of the collateral NFT.

Why NFT Renting Platforms Will Change The Industry

The concept of NFT renting is new for now; however, soon, it’ll become normalized. Getting in early on with this new collecting method will give you a competitive advantage. 

A future where NFTs are lent out for a set amount of time for other players to utilize in the game or situations to make money will become a new reality. It’ll create a risk-free environment, giving more exposure and benefits for others to join. 

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