DC Fandom NFT Marketplace

DC Fandom NFT Marketplace: How It Works & Why It’s Popular

Our guide explains all the new features available on the dc fandom nft marketplace, how it works, and the benefits dc collectors can gain from participating. 

We go in-depth on how you can check your DC NFT values using the marketplace and what to expect when buying or selling on the platform. 

Let’s start and dive in: 

History of DC NFTs Since Launch 

DC fans have been waiting months for the new dc fandom nft marketplace to go live. It’s finally live, and the fandom remains optimistic as it becomes a competitor to Disney’s VeVe blockchain ecosystem. 

Those who were a part of the first official drop had the chance to redeem a floppy disk nft of their favorite DC characters to find out later there was no value associated with them. 

They had no value because they did not have a marketplace where collectors could sell, trade, or buy these NFTs. 

When DC launched Bat Cowls, a dedicated new series of digital collectibles, which came with a 2-year journey, the value became apparent.  

Now you finally enjoy a new (beta) marketplace. 

What You Can Do With DC NFT 

DC NFTs come with many exclusive offerings as a utility apart of their project. For example, collectors who own a Bat Cowl will have the ability to vote on the path of a future DC comic tale. 

DC Bat Cowls are compatible with augmented reality and the metaverse. In addition, they allow you to use your Bat Cowl as a Snapchat filter and give you access to exclusive collectibles. 

These digital collectibles include exclusive products, memorabilia of your favorite characters, and behind-the-scenes material based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Lastly, if you minted a Bat Cowl on the blockchain, it randomly assigns your profile to one of Gotham City’s ten districts. So it was ultimately making you a Gotham City District Knight watch. 

How to Check Your DC NFT Value With Beta Marketplace


The DC fandom marketplace allows you to sort by three options; 1. Newest 2. Alphabetical 3. Price. 

Each show you NFTs that are ‘on sale’ and others that are not ‘on sale,’ making it easy to search quickly. 

Also, the listings of Bat Cowls will show their traits and rarity when you click on them. For example, only 17% have a ‘hush’ background, and 25% have a ‘classic’ jaw. 


Follow these steps if you would like to check how much your dc nft could potentially be worth: 

  1. Look up via search for all the listings similar to yours using the search bar at the top. 
  2. Take each of those values they are selling it for and write them down. 
  3. You want to write down as much as you can so you get a sense of what the average value will be worth. If you don’t, you’ll skew the numbers. 
  4. Look up traits or rarities for your nft and compare them to what is listed. 

You may find those listed are less rare than the collectible you have. At that point, it’s time to list the dc nfts for sale. 

Can You Sell DC Fandom NFTs

Selling your DC NFT on the dc fandom marketplace is simple, and you get to determine what price you would like to sell the digital collectible at when listing. 

Use the marketplace to determine how similar your item is to others and the distinctions, so you can determine how valuable it can be.

For example, if your dc nft has a lower mint number than the items listed on the marketplace, you can ask for a higher price. 

It’s entirely up to you; however, remember a 10% royalty fee goes to DC upon sale. So it’s encouraged to factor that in when setting your final price. It’s common for a digital collectible to stay listed for a long time if the price isn’t right or the market (fans) feels it’s priced too high. 

Looking up those values first and putting a competitive number will allow you to win the sale. 

How to Sell DC Fandom NFTs 


DC Palm Studio has a guide that walks you through the exact steps you need to take for selling an nft on the dc fandom marketplace: DC NFT Marketplace Beta: How to Sell DC NFTS. 

Also, they go in-depth on how to buy from the dc fandom marketplace: DC NFT Marketplace Beta: How to Buy DC NFTS. 

Why DC Fandom NFT Marketplace Will Become Popular

NFT markets go beyond selling, trading, and buying digital collectibles like dc NFTs.

Instead, they are places to form a strong community and share a fandom with other like-minded individuals. 

Taking the time to participate in the marketplace makes you among the true fans who support the DC creators to keep going. 

Here are two reasons why this dc nft marketplace will continue to grow: 

1. DC fans are enthusiastic and passionate whenever they are involved. 

For example, fans tend to be hyper-critical about how fast DC moves when creating movies, new tv series, or collectibles. It’s mainly due to their excitement and impatience once new rumors come out. 

2. NFT marketplaces are here to stay. 

Similar to how the movement from short content toward long-form content like Podcasts happened, there’s a continuing number of large brands forming their marketplaces. They see the benefits of creating their own ‘mini economies.’ For example, brands like GameStop are launching their nft marketplace focused on gamers. 

These reasons alone show how massive the involvement of non-fungible tokens is in the future ecosystem of digital entertainment, web3, and the metaverse. 

3. Introduce a cashout feature.

Recently, DC added a new feature allowing individuals to cash out their crypto currency. Unlike VeVe, where it’s closed to giving individuals the option to take money out and want you to only use their alternative coin.

It’s simple to cash out of the DC marketplace. All you need to do is go to your account and click on ‘cash out’ within your settings section.


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