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Top Web3 Companies (Best 10) List For New Collectors

Which top Web3 companies will take us into the future? We go in-depth on web 3.0 companies to see how they will succeed in this fast-changing environment. 

For starters, I will share the definition of web3 and how this will impact future industries. 

Lastly, we will provide our editor’s pick on which web 3.0 company has the highest odds of succeeding over the long term. 

Why Web 3.0 Companies Are Here To Stay 

Web1 was about consuming information, Web2 was about creating, and Web3 was about ownership. Therefore, web3 is beneficial for digitalizing assets and providing complete digital ownership of anything. 

Companies like Liquidity marketplace are bringing physical and digital collectibles fractionalization to the Blockchain. 

Each crypto startup continues to innovate the competitive yet fresh business environment in the race towards an entirely dependent web3.0 experience. 

Web3 vs. Web2 Benefits 

In Web3, Code-enforceable contracts are possible with smart contracts. Moreover, the Blockchain enables digital asset ownership through verification without deletion or manipulation. In finance, real estate, and technology, this is a game-changer.

For example, because data is now more valuable to institutions, they are ready to spend and give a “free” service to gather user data and host content. The disadvantage is that we become platform-dependent. 

This approach and business model have the potential to be flipped by Web 3.0. Now you can own both the content, platform, and data. 

Next, let’s look at what criteria we use to determine the best web3 companies worth getting to know better. 

Our Analysis: Top Web3 Companies List 

We analyzed the top web 3.0 companies based on three variables: 

  1. Hiring Size: How many job openings supporting web three do they have? 
  2. Revenue/Earnings: How much money are these companies raising? 
  3. Audience Sentiment: How do nft collectors and the average consumer feel about them?

Our focus was on understanding who the big players are in the race towards web3. Analyzing over 100+ web3 companies carefully, Crypto.com and Candy Digital have the best takeaways. 

Best Web 3.0 Companies List 

1. Meta ($27.91 billion) | 3,536 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 

Meta Web 3 Company

Facebook changing names to Meta becomes the most significant rebranding undertaking shifting the company’s focus towards a new objective. 

Their new goal is to integrate a lightweight, low-cost headgear into their social construct. Since the shift, Meta spent all resources on Oculus Quest, a physical product for introducing the average consumer to the metaverse. 

Reality Labs (Meta) features a large number of projects they are exploring and iterating with various technologies. 

However, there comes a time when they need to cut down to identify the ones worth investing in more. 

They allow one technology to prove a viable option while the others encounter roadblocks. Eventually, the available technology outgrows efforts, and focus becomes necessary for the next level. 

An excellent example of this is the Quest software, a significant strength.

 In fact, without it, the entire metaverse experience could suffer because the hardware will be the necessary tools for social interactions in web3. 

2. Coinbase ($4.54 billion) | 479 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 

Coinbase Web 3 Company

Coinbase helps casual investors who are starting and want a simple solution to trade cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, they tend to pay higher fees compared to Coinbase Pro. 

Those who use the pro version often seek to pay fewer fees. 

However, sentiment among nft collectors feels Coinbase doesn’t let you own your crypto because you don’t own your keys. 

Instead, most collectors recommend using cold storage to avoid leaving large amounts of money on these exchanges.

Coinbase functions as a brokerage with a virtual wallet, whereas Coinbase Pro functions as an exchange where users buy and sell.

3. Crypto.com ($1.2 billion) | 669 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


Crypto.com Visa Cards has evolved into the world’s most popular Visa Card program, delivering crypto rewards in 40 countries. 

Although they recently made some changes to their program. “Revised Changes to crypto.com Visa Cards Update” according to Crypto.com. 

The first advantage is the new monthly Cashback Cap, either the staking tier or the card tier, whichever is higher. The present Staking Tier determines most rewards (i.e., the tier you staked your CRO).

If you acquire the crypto.com visa, you must stake X dollars in CRO with a 6-month lock-up period, but you will receive Y interest rate on the CRO stake. 

For example, $4,000-39,999 gets you 10%, $40k gets you 12%, and $400k gets you a black card with a slew of bonuses. However, you may bet as low as $250.

Most sentiment around crypto.com is positive; with nft collectors enjoying the staking rewards system they have in place, the 12% can be a health guarantee. 

4. OpenSea ($365 million) | 145 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


OpenSea remains among the largest nft marketplace. It’s announced plans to double the size of its trust and safety team, especially after experiencing a phishing attack and losing millions in digital assets to scammers. 

However, the firm competes against newer nft marketplaces looking to take over that top position. 

The firm intends to engage extensively in product development to make its blockchain technology accessible to mainstream users. In addition, it will create a grant program to assist inventors and blockchain builders.

OpenSea charges a platform fee of 2.5 percent for each successful sale of an NFT, including primary and secondary transactions. 

Competitors like Coinbase and Rariable have different fees creating a trade-off opportunity for nft collectors.

Their advantage is around how much flexibility and controls they offer to sell on their platform. You can sell an nft through auction bidding similar to eBay, or you can use ‘buy-now’ functionality which 

5. Candy ($1+ billion) | 328 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


Fanatics continues to impact the MLB world significantly with the physical cards market license. Additionally, since Gary Vee backs Candy Digital, there’s been significant growth in popularity. Making it one of the most competitive web3 companies in the world. 

In addition, new tactics such as advertising during the World Series, tie-ins with the Fanatics shop, and significant financial buy-in have seen high returns in terms of revenue. 

Sentiment from Candy digital NFT collectors remains highly optimistic, with happiness around video quality. 

They enjoy how Candy Digital uses multiple angles and slow-motion, bringing the action closer. 

As Fanatics takes over the non-fungible token sports space with Candy Digital, it’s becoming a strong competitor against Top Shot NBA.

“Galaxy Digital and Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk Back Candy Digital” according to Fanatics.Inc. 

6. Binance ($1+ billion) | 929 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange where users can purchase, sell, and trade crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. However, some NFT collectors feel they effectively trick their consumers into utilizing their chain because they aren’t showing ‘proof-of-assets.’ 

Essentially, sentiment from users shows Binance is pushing customers to convert their crypto into “crypto tokens” while failing to give any proof that such tokens have appropriate reserves.

However, it’s a full suite of financial products helping the average crypto investor manage their crypto portfolio. 

7. Block Fi ($15 billion) | 194 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


Block Fi has a full suite of financial management tools regarding cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. BlockFi Trading allows you to purchase, sell, and trade various crypto assets at competitive rates while storing them in one handy location. In addition, they have a Wallet, Credit Card, Loans, and Personalized Yields. 

Block Fi’s credit card partners with Visa and other well-known retailers like Adidas, shake shack, and H&M. 

The significant advantage of their solution is you won’t have to manually activate each promotion before making your purchase to earn crypto. 

So you may be earning additional crypto without even recognizing it at a given merchant. Convenient and effective for users of the crypto credit card. 

8. Polygon ($450 million) | 287 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that allows developers to create scalable, user-friendly dApps with cheap transaction costs while never compromising security. 

Although Polygon interacts with the Ethereum blockchain, it is not a layer 2. Consider some layer two projects; protocols developed directly on top of Ethereum. Polygon has its Blockchain.

A common concern among NFT collectors is how Polygon might have bots attempting to purchase an NFT and forced to go offline for an extended period.

However, you can expect to see more impressive innovation for Polygon over the coming years as they work through those concerns. 

9. MoonPay ($150 million) | 81 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


MoonPay is not an exchange where you may sell cryptocurrency. Instead, its only focus is on being able to purchase cryptocurrency and transfer it to your wallet. NFT collectors complain about the high fees since they do not disclose them before making the transfer. However, it continues to grow in popularity and usage. 

Celebrities are investing heavily into MoonPay, especially in the music industry; read more about Justin Bieber & Ashton Kutcher nft investments. “More Than 60 Celebs Invest $87M in Moonpay Including Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher” according to CryptoSlate. 


10. ConsenSys ($7 billion) | 365 Web 3 Job Openings in 2022 


ConsenSys raised $450M in Series D Funding and continues to beat expectations as they determine product-market fit during a bear market. 

MetaMask is among their product suite and continues to grow, passing over 30 million users of the smart wallet. 

Recently releases consist of Meta Mask Flask https://metamask.io/flask – An experimental playground specifically for developers. 

Should encourage more web3 companies to develop innovative products and excitement for the future beyond screens. 

Why Crypto.com and Candy Digital Have Best Chance in WEB3

Our editor’s picks are Crypto.com & Candy Digital (Fanatics). 

Crypto.com provides the highest returns for those among their visa credit card program, and that partnership remains highly competitive in the financial industry. Candy Digital is also financially supported by Gary Vee, who has made millions from his Vee Friends digital collectible series.

Both have positive audience sentiment, high revenue reports, and a significant investment toward hiring for the web3.0 era. However, while Meta remains in the conversation, they find themselves spread thin with the number of products and web3 products in their pipelines. 

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