Best Blue Chip Projects NFT list

5 Best NFT Blue Chip Projects Worth Every Penny

Finding the best nft blue chip projects requires knowing which key metrics to analyze and how to leverage free available data to help make decisions. 

In this article, we share the best five bluechip NFTs and how we determine if an nft is considered a ‘blue chip’ project in the first place. Also, what to look for in a project to be ready to invest. 

How do we find opportunities and know what nft projects to invest in since it’s digital art? 

It’s all about using nft tracking tools and looking more profound than others into each project before purchasing it. Knowing which metrics and what to look for helps a bunch. 

First, let’s go over the basics: 

What’s an NFT Blue Chip Project?

NFT Blue Chip

Similar to how investors in the stock market reference bluechip stocks, specific NFTs have become precious digital assets called blue chip NFTs. The term ‘blue chip’ originates from playing poker, where the color blue is considered the highest valued chip. 

In the stock market, ‘blue chip’ assets tend to be large companies that grow year over year with predictability and a long-term horizon, typically including a dividend to shareholders.

It’s similar to ‘blue chip’ Non-fungible tokens, which tend to be extensive well-known collections that grow continuously and see very little sell-offs or volatility. 

What Are Examples of an NFT Blue Chip Project?

Here are a few examples of bluechip projects with high positive growth in holder change, a key performance metric we like to analyze before investing in an nft collection. 

NFT Blue Chip Projects Total Holders (Start Period) Total Holders (End Period) % Change (Growth/Decline)
Azuki 902 1,116 19%
Doodles 3,774 6,110 38%
BAYC 2,414 6,363 62%
CryptoPunks 1,487 2,448 39%
World of Women 1,046 3,801 72%

What Makes Collections an NFT Blue Chip Project?

We use three key performance metrics known as ‘Holder Change,’ ‘Diamond Hands Count,’ and ‘Floor Price’ to determine if an NFT’s considered overvalued or undervalued. 

Additionally, we look into four critical questions: 

1. Is This Project an Industry Leader?

It’s an industry leader that’s highly recognized and supported. It has a solid and long-lasting community while a future-looking and optimistic roadmap. We wrote extensively on the 5 Best NFT Roadmap Examples for Creators. 

2. Does This Project Have a History?

They have a proven track record with increasing floor prices and reliable diamond hand-holders who do not plan to flip anytime soon. 

3. How Much Talent Do They Have On Their Team?

A committed team with talent and credibility likely from large brands or has worked with established businesses such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple.

4. Are They Going Beyond JPEGs and Adding Utility?

The Utility of the nft project remains effective, engaging, and rewarding for holders.

More importantly, we look to understand if a project will remain unphased when selling pressure increases and if the number of whale investors continues to increase or decrease. 

Learn more about how to evaluate whale investors: Whale Analysis Report – NFT Perspective 

How Do You Invest in Blue-Chip NFT Art?

Start asking yourself, ‘Are the total holders of this nft project growing or declining?’ before committing or adding an nft to your portfolio. 

1. What Does an ‘NFT Holders Change Percentage’ Mean?

We use ‘Holders Change’ as a critical metric when measuring if an nft project is considered ‘blue chip’ or high value. 

‘Diamond Hands’ analyzes the number of holders who haven’t transferred or sold an nft from the collection. However, ‘Holders Change’ looks at how much growth or decline happened with the number of holders between two times. 

If an NFT project’s holder count grows between 40% to 60%+ over more than 6+ months or between 10% to 39% within one year, it’s likely a high-value digital asset worth purchasing. In other words, we look to analyze if the rate of growth in the number of holders is sustainable and healthy. 

However, if it didn’t grow and only declined for a six-month or one-year period, it’s likely not worth investing into profit. 

2. What Does an NFT Holder Ratio Mean?

It measures the number of unique holders by the collection size and helps explain why an nft project is less likely to be sold. Look at the nft holder ratio to determine if the project has a high number of holders based on its overall size. 

When an nft holder ratio is high, it’s a positive sign that the project won’t be going anywhere. 

Let’s dive into some of the top nft bluechip projects in the space: 

Best Blue Chip NFT List 

Projects on this list are PFP non-fungible tokens which currently have a low chance of a significant sell-off or high risk. We analyzed the ‘Floor Price,’ ‘Hand Change Percentage,’ and ‘Holder Ratio’ to validate the performance. Lastly, we look to see if their purpose or roadmap looks solid. 

1. Azuki – (

Azuki Blue Chip Project

Azuki’s project is all about ‘We rise together. We build together. We grow together.’ and have plans to launch an exclusive shop for those who own their nft. Also, they’ve started to recruit top talent for others to start their career in the blockchain space. 

Floor Price: 9 ETH

Hand Change: 19%

Holder Ratio: 1.82 

(Numbers from 4/1/2022 using

2. Doodles – (

Doodles Blue Chip Project

Doodles grew in popularity due to its hand-drawn and ascetic style with only 10,000 unique designs; now, they are expanding their collection by offering a subcollection if you’ve collected the original doodles. This sub-collection is called ‘space doodles’ and expands on the originals. 

Floor Price: 8 ETH

Hand Change: 38%

Holder Ratio: 2.56 

(Numbers from 4/1/2022 using

3. BAYC – (

BAYC Blue Chip Project

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s project took non-fungible tokens to the next level by offering its members exclusive access to yacht parties and New York City gatherings to see physical prints. 

Floor Price: 74.74 ETH

Hand Change: 62%

Holder Ratio: 1.52 

(Numbers from 4/1/2022 using

4. CryptoPunks – (

Crypto Punks NFT Project

CryptoPunks are original 8-bit art made for the blockchain, and the company behind the artwork is Larva Labs, which built a strong relationship with companies like Google and Microsoft. 

Floor Price: 69 ETH 

Hand Change: 39%

Holder Ratio: 2.92 

(Numbers from 4/1/2022 using

5. World of Women – (

World of Women NFT Project

World of Women focuses on bringing women into the spotlight and has a growing team of 9 with the mission to create a beautiful, diverse, empowering collection and thriving community.

Floor Price: 6.88 ETH 

Hand Change: 72%

Holder Ratio: 1.95 

(Numbers from 4/1/2022 using

Why Are NFT Blue Chip Projects Good?

Not every NFT collection is a winner; in fact, some lose value, and the owners abandon the project resulting in a complete failure. However, the successful NFT collections over the long run become ‘blue chip’ NFTs. 

They earn the project owners the most passive income and keep holders happy with delightful rewards which are unique and specific to their project. 

Determine if the project continues to grow over the long term, and you’ll pick the suitable nft projects to invest in that will be profitable. 

Who Should Buy Blue Chip NFTs and Who Shouldn’t?

Buying a Blue Chip NFT is best for those looking to hold, also known as having diamond hands. It’s for those waiting for the day when the price of a single nft is high enough to change the lives of this person, their children, and their children’s children. 

Bluechip projects aren’t for those who have to fight the daily temptation to sell because that money could feed their family for a couple of weeks.

Why Blue Chip NFTs Are Worth It 

Blue Chip NFT art help crypto traders find established projects which deliver stability, consistency, and strong returns over the long run. In addition, our nft bluechip list helps illustrate how a high holder ratio and positive holder change percentage can indicate growth for the collection. 

In addition, we used tools such as NFTChart.Io to analyze collections’ performance before purchasing. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to owning bluechip projects. Here’s a breakdown: 

Pros for Owning’ Blue Chip’ Artwork

  1. Earning: High Rates of Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Low Risk: Blue Chip NFTs are stable and don’t see high volatility
  3. Predictable: Reliable and proven track record (likely been around for a long time)
  4. Established: Well-known and popular with high demand 

Cons for Owning’ Blue Chip’ Artwork

  1. Price: On average, Blue Chip projects are more than 5 ETH and have a high price tag if you want to invest in them. 
  2. Growth is Slow: Since these are more significant projects and have been more established over time, they see slight growth incrementally, and so over the short term, you won’t gain significant returns. Only when you invest for the long term will you see the benefit. 

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