How to get Views on OpenSea

How to Sell NFTs on OpenSea & Get More Views

Learning to get views on OpenSea leads to selling more nfts and getting sales faster. We’re going to break down four ways (strategies and tactics) to use to increase the number of views and exposure you’re nfts get on Open Sea. 

No one wants to wait a whole year until they get their first sale on OpenSea, and anyone that’s suggesting buying OpenSea views or favorites is a scammer. 

Instead, what we’ve found works well is getting your nft project promoted to an existing audience who already have an OpenSea account. 

All of your focus should be on getting in front of people who already collect nfts, are familiar with Open Sea, and are in the moment looking to buy a new nft. We share the best OpenSea selling tips for increasing your views and sales on OpenSea in this guide. 

Let’s dive in: 

To get more views on OpenSea, you need to understand how to view count works on OpenSea: 

What Counts as a View on OpenSea?

OpenSea counts one ‘view’ when users log into their account to view it. However, it does not count views for those who have not authenticated or signed up for an OpenSea account. 

While most nft collectors already have an OpenSea account, there’s a high chance your project will have fewer views when shared with an audience that’s new to collecting nfts and does not have an OpenSea account already. 

How Do You Increase Views on OpenSea?

Sending audiences from other social platforms like Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc., is a successful way of increasing views on OpenSea as long as they already have OpenSea accounts. 

By getting a higher trade volume, you’ll get more exposure. For example, OpenSea gives nft projects a verification blue checkmark when they pass 100K in trade volume, increasing views and sales.

 When your trade volume increases, your project rises in the ranks to get featured on the top 100 or top 10 ‘explore’ page. 

Learning how to sell faster on OpenSea doesn’t have to be complicated. The more views, the more people who know about your nft project and already have an OpenSea account, the faster it will sell on OpenSea. 

Here’s a list of what you can start doing today: 

1. Submit your NFT projects to Directories 

Submit Your NFT Project For More Views On OpenSea

If you do not have an audience or community currently, the best option for growing one is to find others to introduce yourself to and your project. Submitting nft projects to directories can be a great kick-starter to launching your nft project or simply getting more views on OpenSea. 

NFT directories already have an existing audience who buy nfts and have used OpenSea before, whether that’s minting, selling, or buying. 

Here’s a list of 11 directories you can submit your new project to and get the word out about your upcoming or recent launch. 

Pros of Using NFT Directories

  • Significant opportunity to get in front of a new audience. 
  • Considered a backlink to your nft project’s website.
  • Added to a calendar to remind collectors about the drop. 

Cons of Using NFT Directories 

  • It requires up to 20 minutes per entry. 

2. Get verified on OpenSea by being a recognized artist

On OpenSea, it’s not like most social media platforms have an algorithm that randomly shares your posts with others. People who buy nfts need to know about you first and actively search for your account to see what you post. You rely heavily on the creator to promote and market your collection. 

Here’s a great video explaining the importance of getting verified on OpenSea to get sales. He also allows you to post your OpenSea collection in the comments section of his video to promote your project. 

While getting verified is essential for getting more views on OpenSea, you can still sell nfts without the blue checkmark. Trade volume determines if you will get verified on OpenSea, and there are plenty of projects which make 50K to 60K in trade volume and haven’t received verification. 

It could be worse; projects on Rarible which are not verified don’t allow your profile to appear in search at all. 

Pros of Getting Verified 

  • Collectors feel safer when buying as most scam projects do not have a blue check. 
  • Boost in status and credibility 
  • It leads to more sales. 

Cons of Getting Verified 

  • Requires patience since you need high trade volume to acquire it 

3. Search through Tweets to Find Buyers 

Get More Views on OpenSea Collection Via Twitter

Go to the search bar and search popular nft related hashtags like # nft space, # nftcreator, # Web3, and # nft every day, and look for tweets asking for recommendations of nft projects to buy. It usually says something along the lines, “have XYZ ready to purchase nfts with? What should I get?”. 

These are nft collectors who are already interested in minting an nft or investing in a new project, and all you have to do is tag your project’s Twitter handle to let them know about it. 

Of course, it works even better if you add an nft you own as a photo to give an example of the project. 

Pros of Using Twitter to Find Buyers 

  • It’s a win-win for those looking to buy a new nft project. 
  • Gets your nft project in front of the right people who can become interested.

Cons of Using Twitter to Find Buyers 

  • DMs can come across as a scam, still tweeting publicly.
  • It can be a manual process and take a long time. 
  • Only one tweet at a time takes patience. 

4. Join Multiple Twitter Spaces to Introduce Your Project

Twitter’s the number one place where nft collectors spend their time, and the majority of them use Twitter Spaces, an audio first conference call for anyone on their platform. 

Here’s a list of Twitter profiles that typically host a Twitter space talking about nfts 

  1. @Ericspivak – Founder of The Largest # NFT & # DeFi Community In The World. – 18.4K followers
  2. @Urconduit – The Most Valuable, Authentic & Diverse Conversations In The #Web3 World – 1.5K followers 
  3. @NFT_Spaces – Bot announces latest nft twitter spaces – 2.3K followers 
  4. @WAX_io – Blockchain platform which hosts their own NFT twitter spaces – 260K followers 
  5. @Obie – Music nft creator – 10.1K followers 

Pros for using Twitter Spaces

  • As a speaker, you can share your nft project’s message 
  • As a listener, you can learn how others sell nfts 

Cons for using Twitter Spaces

  • Difficult to find without following the right people 
  • They show up at random times

Most nfts that build a backstory have success on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. For example, CryptoDads focuses on teaching dads more about nfts and getting them involved in the space. Each piece of the 10,000 collections was hand-picked by dads themselves. 

Start thinking about what your backstory is? More important, understanding who you want to buy your nfts matters hugely. 

Do you have a specific audience in mind for your nft collection? 

CryptoDads focuses on men, which aligns with the nft industry. According to NFT Statistics in 2021, “American men are more likely to own NFTs than women, with 4.6% men compared to 1.2% of women saying they have at least one NFT”. 

Why Social Platforms Increases Your Views on OpenSea 

Getting more views on OpenSea comes down to staying focused on talking to the audience of collectors who already have an OpenSea account. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are great distribution channels to do precisely that. As you grow your community on those platforms, you’ll find more success getting them from those platforms coming to your OpenSea. 

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