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What Are NFT Packs and How Do They Work

Those new to the nft space often ask, ‘are there nft packs?’ and ‘how do you open nft packs?’. We investigate what nft packs are, the different types of digital packs you could expect, and how digital trading card packs work. 

We explain how to buy nft packs and make an nft pack you can sell to others quickly if you’re a creator. But, first, we will go through the basics. 

Let’s dive in: 

Are There NFT Packs?

Non-fungible tokens can bundle as a pack, which allows them to be sold all at once as a group. NFT packs use templates to represent the physical trading card packaging in a retail store. 

These digital trading card packs use animation to simulate opening a package to display its artwork. Like physical trading cards, you could purchase them when going to conventions or collector toy stores. 

What Are NFT Packs?

NFT Packs are a group of non-fungible tokens bundled for sale on the blockchain. This packaging is designed, animated, and unique to the nft project. The digital trading card packs will randomize across all editions available in the collection. 

You’ll get 1 to 8 digital collectible cards in an NFT pack, with at least 1 having a high rarity. 

In addition, blockchains like WAX allow users to bundle NFTs together and make creating an nft pack easier using schema. 

Should You Open Your NFT Pack?

Whether you want to open an NFT pack or not is entirely your choice. NFT packs are to share individual cards with others through buying, selling, or trading. However, NFT packs tend to increase in value when not opened. It’s because they give a mystery to what others will get.

3 Types of NFT Card Packs 

As a collector, you’ll see different types of nft packs, and it’s up to you to determine which will be worth investing in for the long term.

  • Sports Digital Packs 
  • Video Game Digital Packs 
  • Collectible Digital Packs 

Here’s a list of the best nft packs you’ll find and the different kinds to expect: 

Sports Digital Packs 

1. Candy Digital – MLB NFT Packs


These MLB NFT packs include a total of 720 players when released. Therefore, the total number of available Candy Digital Packs for 100,000 in one series. 

Packs include five nft trading cards at the cost of $50. 

2. NBA Top Shot – NBA NFT Packs

Top Shot NBA Digital Packs

These NBA NFT packs include a total of 48 players when released. 

Therefore, the total number of available NFT Packs for NBA Top Shop is 350,000 in one series release. Packs include up to 5 nft trading cards with a max purchase of 10. 

3. SoRare – Soccer NFT Packs 

So Rare NFT Digital Packs

These Soccer NFT packs include a total of 245 clubs when released. Therefore, the total number of NFTs available is 1,111.  

Breakdown of non-fungible tokens for series one 

  • 1,000 Limited
  • 100 Rare
  • 10 Super Rare
  • 1 Unique 

Packs include buying one or bundles with no maximum.

4. Combat Sports – UFC NFT Packs 

UFC Strike NFT Packs

Includes a total of 40+ fighter tokens when released. Breakdown of non-fungible tokens for series ones: 

  • 4 Featured 
  • 10 Champions
  • 15 challengers
  • 25 Contenders 

The total number of available digital packs for UFC is 200,000 in one series. Packs include up to 50 moments nft trading cards at $50.  

Video Game Digital Packs 

1. Street Fighter NFT Packs – WAX blockchain

Street Fighter NFT Pack WAX

Street Fighter partnered with WAX to bring exclusive non-fungible digital collectibles to their fans. Packs have a total of 101 cards and breakdown with the following: 

  • Common A 
  • Common B  
  • UnCommon 
  • Rare A
  • Rare B 
  • Epic A 
  • Epic B 
  • Legendary 
  • Collector’s Challenge 

There are 1,000 packs, making them rare and in high demand. Each street fighter nft Pack comes with ten cards randomly selected and costs $100. 

Finding your favorite street fighter characters as nfts remains simple. These street fighter nfts retain and increase in value. 

Packs are available at:

2. Blade Runner NFT Packs – WAX blockain


Blade Runner NFT packs were available upon airing the new tv show on Toonami and were only available to buy using cryptocurrency. 1 Pack had 1 NFT costing $100 worth in WAX tokens. 

Here’s the blade runner nft pack breakdown: 

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic 
  • Legendary 

Packs are available at:

3. Starship NFT Packs – WAX blockchain


Starship NFTs are similar to an online video game where you can earn while playing, and it features space. Its mission is to connect businesses and people to blockchain technology. Using the Binance Smart Chain offers digital packs comparable to traditional trading cards. 

Emergence Standard NFT Pack sale (Phase 1) has a $50,000 BTC grand prize. Packs have a total of 2,707 cards and breakdown with the following: 

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Packs are available at:

Collectible Digital Packs 

1. Funko NFT Packs – WAX blockain

Freddy Funko Digital Packs

‘Funko Digital Pop!’ provides a connection between digital and physical collectibles. Collectors can exchange their purchase for a free, limited edition physical Pop! These digital packs are bundles starting at USD 9.99.

There are two breakouts for funko nfts: 

  • Commons (66.6%)
  • Rare (33.34%) 

Packs are available:

2. Hotwheels NFT Packs – WAX blockain

Hot Wheels NFT Card Collection

Hot Wheels NFT Garage is a dedicated website for selling digital collectibles via the wax blockchain. There are two options when buying Hot Wheel nfts packs. You can purchase a 4-pack nft at $15 or a 10-pack nft at $35. 

The nft breakout for hot wheels bundles: 

  • Base (74.7%)
  • Rare (20.3%)
  • Premium (4.94%)
  • Treasure Hunt (.62%)

Packs are available:

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) NFT Packs – WAX blockchain


Teenage Mutant NFT packs were the first-ever funko series available on the wax blockchain and remain popular with collectors. There were two options: 1—standard Pack at $9.99 2. Premium Pack at $29.99.  

  • Common (49%)
  • Uncommon (27%)
  • Rare (14%)
  • Epic (8%)
  • Legendary (1.63%)  
  • Grail (.37%) 

Packs are available:

NFT Pack Size & Packaging 

As a creator, you’ll want to know the type of nft packs collectors like most so you can increase your sales. 

So here’s a list of the ideal digital packs for collectors. Each pack comes in different sizes and forms. 

1. Normal packs 

  • Bundles of 1 to 8 digital trading cards 

2. Mystery packs

  • Random items included in the Pack 

3. Booster packs

  • Earn to play games require booster packs 

4. Megapacks

  • Large bundles of digital trading cards (15+)

How Do You Buy NFT Card Packs?

Buying digital trading card packs is simple and requires a digital wallet to accept the purchase. Digital wallets like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Trust Wallet are popular choices for acquiring an nft for the first time. 

Once you have a digital wallet with a seed phrase, you are ready to buy a trading card pack via an online retail storefront or a secondary marketplace. 

Where Can You Buy NFT Packs?

NFT packs have grown in popularity. Large sporting brands such as the NFL, UFC, NBA, and MLB have introduced these digital collectible trading cards to lifelong fans. 

1. NFT Marketplaces 

Some brands partner with a secondary marketplace like Atomic Hub using the WAX Blockchain to introduce these NFTs to their audience. 

  • Spider-Man NFTs 
  • Funko NFTs 
  • Nickelodeon NFTs 

2. Branded Online NFT Websites 

Most brands in the nft space are creating their nft marketplaces, creating online stores to purchase non-fungible tokens directly. Here are a few examples: 


UFC professional mixed martial arts partners with to drop nfts for the first time. Allows you to collect NFTs of championship fighters and feature contenders of the UFC event. 

Over 200,000 UFC digital packs were released, with the first round being around 100,000. Additionally, you can sell these sports trading cards on their marketplace once you’ve opened the nft Pack. 

Visit for more details on UFC Fight NFTs. 


NFT All Day has ‘moments,’ which are video clips, photos, and audio of professional football players on game days, turning them into non-fungible digital collectibles. 

These packs have all the best plays and highlights from each team’s season. The NFL All Day drops are announced via email, social media, and Discord.

Visit for more details on NFL Football NFTs. 

Basketball NFTs 

NBA Top Shop captures the historical moments of the biggest superstars in the NBA.

These trading cards come in different formats, such as images, video, and audio. 

Most branded companies are moving toward creating their online storefront selling these digital collectibles using the blockchain. 

Visit for more details on NBA Basketball NFTs. 

How To Open an NFT pack On The Blockchain 

Opening these packs doesn’t have to be complicated. Some digital packs have a set time when they become available to open. 

For example, if a drop is at 1 pm EST and you make the purchase during that time, they can have a time like 5 pm EST before you can open it. 

These time limits help create hype and allow flippers to sell an nft pack on a third-party platform at a premium before it opens. 

Here are the steps for opening a digital trading card pack on the blockchain

  1. Opening Topps trading cards, go to ‘Unopened Packs’ in your account.
  2. Click on the nft Pack you would like to open, and a window pops up asking to ‘confirm’ you’d like to open it. It’s essential during this step to be entirely sure that you are ready to open a pack because once you open it, you won’t be able to close it. 
  3. Click ‘open,’ and the animation will begin showing the trading card pack opening. It will now convert that digital asset from 1 pack to the number of cards available within each Pack. 

Watch this Youtube video to get an idea of how to do it before opening yours. It goes step-by-step opening Topps NFTs. 

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