NFT Discord Moderator

How to Become an NFT Discord Moderator in Communities

What does it take to become an NFT discord moderator for these communities? First, we will explain how to become an NFT community manager and hire quickly. 

We also go in-depth on what a typical day looks like for a discord mod, the necessary skills for the job, and how vital the role is for any project. Finally, learn how to become an NFT mod following the steps we outline and take your nft career to the next level. 

Let’s dive into the basics: 

Do NFT Moderators Get Paid? 

Most discord mod positions are unpaid and voluntary; however, more extensive, well-established nft projects hire moderators on a contract or salary basis. 

Search job directories like Linkedin, Indeed, and even Craigslist for mod job postings. 

It depends on how much liquidity is available within the project and how large the discord community becomes since it’ll require lots of support. Since not all projects pay their mods, a common strategy is for the moderator to avoid going exclusive until finding a more stable project or a project they fully believe in for the long term. 

Often moderators split their time among multiple projects or communities at different rates to help increase their earning potential. 

Also, moderators often know others within the industry and help each other get new opportunities when they arise. 

Why Become a Discord Mod 


Becoming a discord moderator gives you exclusive perks others don’t usually get. 

For example, you have conversations with new members first, introducing you to more friends. Also, you become a trusted resource for the community because of your interactions with the nft team. 

Working remotely and determining your schedule while engaging in a community you love are other benefits of becoming a mod. 

As you get into the community and start serving others, you become an asset to them over time. More often than not, the mods become an extension of the brand and essential in the project. Especially for nft projects, you play a role in making it successful and can make a deal with the owner to get a royalty percentage on each nonfungible token sale. 

What Do NFT Moderators Do?

Mods help lead consumers to the proper answers, solve problems, and serve as the GPS for customers to understand and make the most effective use of a client’s product or service.

Your everyday tasks as an NFT discord moderator starts with community engagement. Here are five essential tasks nonfungible discord moderators do daily to keep the project alive: 

  1. Creating interesting or relevant conversations 
  2. Removing unwanted or rude messages like spam 
  3. Banning members who break the agreed-upon rules 
  4. Answering questions about the nonfungible project 
  5. Building trust among members by planning events

As a nft discord moderator, your primary responsibility is to become the bridge between community members and the nft owners or team members. 

Communication is vital as you serve both audiences, creating a win-win scenario where everyone can mutually exist and benefit. Mods are like the operation’s glue; without a moderator, there could be unforeseeable challenges.

How Mods Become a Highly-Valuable Intangible Asset In Projects 

NFT mods need to be prepared for any question and have a clear goal of answering it quickly. 

They help with setting expectations and communicating effectively to solve problems.

Additionally, community members will ask questions ranging from simple to complex. For example, questions could be about launching a new collection within the project and how to mint nfts for the project. Or other questions could be about what’s on the roadmap in the future. 

Here’s an example of problems you may encounter and need to solve: 

TokenHead’s app allows members to display their nft from the wax blockchain all in one place on their smartphones. 

Sometimes collections are on the blockchain, and the TokenHead app doesn’t update with the specific collection. Which is an issue for those who want to see their recent nft on the app. The only way they can see the nonfungible token is on a computer. 

Community members will send a message to admins in their discord channel about this issue, and NFT mods will need to notify the developers to fix the issue while also explaining to members expectations on how long it will take to clear the issue.

Each NFT Discord Moderator have multiple problems to address and communicate to the proper individuals. Often, the same question repeats itself, and answers to those questions can become templatized. 

Those who can determine the quickest way to answer these repeat questions will save the most time and become a tremendous asset to the project. Solutions like adding questions to a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) will help reduce the time needed to answer these questions. 

Essential Skills Discord Mods Should Have And Build 

Becoming a crypto discord moderator takes time and starts with building solid skills and getting to know the key players in the community. Balancing expectations among audiences is a skill that good discord mods develop over time. 

Reach out to other mods to better understand what opportunities are available. Fortunately, there are mod jobs available, and there’s no LinkedIn job posting. 

Next will explain which skills make for a high-performing discord mod. 

  1. Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills: Understand how to effectively explain complex concepts in simple ways and support others in a positive or friendly matter. Demonstrate strong writing and verbal communication as a professional. 
  2. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: When dealing with complex member-to-member conflicts, you’ll need to distill emotions into analytical insight and take the proper steps like muting, kicking, or banning members. 
  3. Technical and technology inclined: It’s beneficial to know how discord works. Also, knowing other social media platforms give you an advantage because you’ll be using that technology during your day-to-day operations. 

Have the required skills to maintain or manage the servers of NFT projects. In addition, knowledge about blockchain and the minting process helps you answer questions effectively.

For example, you can provide helpful guides on how to avoid gas wars to reduce the cost of fees when minting nfts. In addition, it’s a benefit when you know how to use all the platforms, rarity tools, and analytics tools available in the nft space. 

Lastly, bringing a positive attitude to your work goes a long way. Your goal is for other members to recommend and spread the word about your services. 

You will find new opportunities through networking and word of mouth because of your reputation if you are a talented discord mod. 

Should You Ask for a Mod Job? 

There’s a stigma around asking admins for a mod role because they aren’t sure what your true intentions are and how long you plan to stay committed to the community.

A great strategy to eliminate concerns is offering a free trial period. It can be 1 to 3 weeks where you work for free and provide as much value as possible. 

Every mod job is different; there will be peak and slow times. However, keeping yourself working and improving the community will show your true intentions leading you to the opportunity. 

Becoming a nft discord moderator is a great way to stay engaged in a community or passion around your interests while making money with your time.

A mod’s key focus is building trust among the community members, and the only way to do that is to show the admin reasons for them to trust you. It starts with providing high-quality service and delivering on what you agreed on.

Building a good foundation of trust is essential to making that opportunity happen.

Ask the admin these questions: 

  1. Why are they developing this project?
  2. What is their long-term plan?
  3. What have they learned since starting this project? 

Once you’ve built a relationship with the admin or business owner, take the time to prepare for your first day on the new job. Understanding all the tasks, you can perform to improve the community and be the best nft discord mod you can be will help: 

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