Promote NFT Projects

Promote an NFT Project Without Any Costs (5 Ways)

Want to learn how to promote an NFT project? We’ve been studying dozens of NFT launches from independent artists to large corporations like Funko, Hasbro, etc. 

Our guide will share nft marketing examples that work as great tactics to attract potential buyers and grow a robust community of supporters. 

First, we have to explain why NFT projects sell out because that will help provide context on getting your project to sell out. Why do collectors buy NFTs? 

  1. To make money online 
  2. To collect and appreciate digital art 
  3. To build a community & sense of belonging 

Which reason does your project appeal to most? These will help you narrow down your focus for promoting. 

How do I market an NFT project? 

It starts with defining your target audience who will become investors in your NFT project in the first place. What do they like, what do they need, and what do they want? NFT projects with utility will influence how you’ll get it in front of the audience you’d like and get them sold out quickly. 

Physical Redemption NFTs

For example, Funko, Inc. partnered with WAX blockchain to sell Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle digital collectibles, giving their audience of collectors the chance to redeem a physical collectible if they’ve purchased all nfts for a particular set. 

These brands established a set date on when they’d drop their nfts and promoted it on social media at various times to remind everyone of when it would drop. 

In addition, they provided the exact time, place, and even instructions on how to do it.


Vee Friends NFTs

Gary Vee’s Vee Friends was another example of executing an excellent nft drop providing his community details on setting up a meta mask wallet ahead of time.

How long you promote your NFT matters because it influences the hype you can create and how much people will become aware of your NFT project. 

Average Time Needed to Promote NFT Project Before Launch 

What’s the average time needed to promote an NFT project before its launch? On average, nft drop announcements happen up to 4 weeks before the release date. Therefore, you should promote your NFT project 4-5 months before its launch date. 

However, the majority of projects promote their NFT project within 2-3 months. Although, the NFT promotion could be a little less than a week. 

Here are some examples of the timeline used for promoting an NFT project: 

Blade Runner NFT Promotion Timeline (2-3 months of promotion) 

NFT Per Week


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle NFT Promotion Timeline (2-3 days of promotion) 

Promoting your nft project ahead of time works to your advantage because it improves the chances that more people will learn about your artwork. A sweet spot between creating hype and excitement for your nft launch is around 1 – 2 months. 

How to promote an NFT Project on Twitter? 

To promote an NFT project on Twitter, it’s similar to any other type of marketing; it’s essential to establish expertise, authority, and trust. Focus on participating in conversations and building relationships when marketing nfts projects on Twitter. 

Twitter spaces are an opportunity to meet fellow collectors, investors, or new business partners. Avoid spamming because it could ruin your reputation, instead share stories about your art and why your nft project is worthwhile. 

Best Promotion Tactics for NFT Projects

Additionally, word of mouth works best when first starting, and it costs nothing at all. When a community begins to adopt your nft project, the social sharing will continue to increase, and it will cause a snowball effect. 

1. Participate in Twitter Spaces 

NFT Twitter Spaces

Networking is fundamental in bringing awareness to your nft project because others could offer advice. Additionally, you could meet a future business partner or collaborate by introducing your nft project to an entirely different audience of followers. 

2. Change Your Twitter Profile Picture

NFT Twitter Profile Pic

Gone are the days where you hand someone your business card, and now more than ever, it’s essential that your first impression online is inviting. 

Adding your NFT project to your Twitter bio will help is expected these days. Ask your community to add the nft they’ve bought recently to their profile picture on Twitter and publish it. 

The more who participate, the more awareness and fear of missing out occurs. 

3. Add Your NFT Project to Nftcalendar.IO

Marketing has to do with creating hype and anticipation before the drop of a new nft project and submitting your NFT to the provides plenty of time to promote your nft project to a vast audience who buy NFTs regularly. 

4. Join or Create a Discord Community 


Discord Channels for NFTs

A must-have is participating or creating a community. An excellent marketing vehicle for doing that organically and effectively is using discord. 

For example, WAX’s blockchain set up a discord where each server channel becomes dedicated to the NFT projects they drop and are available on their blockchain. 

NFT collectors drop links to available streetfighter NFTs within the discord channel to tell others what’s up for selling the secondary market. A good portion of Atomic Hub sales, trades, and buys come from being made aware of such NFTs through discord communities. 

5. Create a Roadmap and Share It Online 

It is crucial to identify the goals you’d like your NFT project to take on for the coming years because it gives transparency into what you’ll be doing to innovate and keep the community engaged. 

Remember, NFTs are also investments due to the smart contracts and the digital ledger; it keeps track of all transactions, making NFTs attractive to others. 

What makes your NFT a better investment? Also, what makes your community want to stick around once they do purchase the NFT? 

Here are some NFT roadmap examples: 

Promoting NFT Projects Doesn’t Have to Be Costly.

A large part of promoting an NFT project is creating hype and telling stories that get collectors to invest in your project.

Remember why people buy NFTs for your particular project, whether to flip NFTs to earn money online or collect something they are highly interested in, like digital art or digital trading cards. 

If your NFT promotion focuses on utility, exclusivity, and giveaways, you’ll likely get a lot of attention and hype. Instead, stick to a roadmap and share the future vision of your NFT with others; that messaging will do far more for you when promoting your NFT than gimmicks. 

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