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How To Use TokenHead To Track Your Digital Collectibles

Every new NFT collector can learn how to use TokenHead quickly and effectively. However, when you first learn about NFTs and cryptocurrency, it’s a lot to take in. Therefore, we will share three simple steps you can take to use TokenHead to track your digital collectibles and valuable NFTs. 

For starters, let’s go over the basics when it comes to tracking NFTs. 

What is TokenHead? 

TokenHead is an application to track digital collectibles on the WAX blockchain using a user’s crypto address. Multiple WAX accounts are allowed for viewing at once, and they show the value of the collectibles in both WAX coin and USD dollars. The TokenHead app is available for Android and IOS devices. 

Showcasing your digital collectibles became even more accessible using this app. Funko, Inc. has invested in TokenHead to bring their first series of Funko NFTs a part of their Digital Pops! Collection to their fan base. 

Funko.Inc publicly mentioned there’s more than 10 million NFTs is displaying on TokenHead with anticipation not stopping. 

Why Should You Use the TokenHead App?

NFT collectors enjoy using the TokenHead app because of the convenience it brings to viewing all your multiple WAX accounts together and summarizing the current value of your NFTs in one place. 

Each WAX account contains collections that hold your NFTs. The app’s developers maintain all of these and get updated when a new NFT collection launches. If you ever have trouble getting an NFT’s collection to show up in the app, you can ask the team directly in their Discord server, and they’ll provide information on when those collections get updated. 

How to Use TokenHead

You can filter your digital collection by various amounts of options: 

  • Mint Number (Highest to Lowest) 
  • Mint Number (Lowest to Highest)
  • Value (Highest to Lowest) 
  • Value (Lowest to Highest) 
  • Date (Oldest to Newest) 
  • Date (Newest to Oldest) 

Additionally, the app provides a lot of sales information that makes checking how much your NFT is worth a lot easier. 

For example, TokenHead uses the latest five sales median to determine the value or suggested price of an NFT. As you can imagine, NFTs with low mint numbers between 1 to 10 can sell for $1,000s, and the rest of the NFT collection would benefit from those record sales. 

As you watch your specific NFTs prices go up in value, you’ll also be able to keep track of how your entire NFT portfolio is doing with simple switching between the accounts and collections. 

What are WAX coins? 

WAX is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and is not available on Coinbase, the popular crypto buying, and selling platform. 

You can use the following wallets for WAX coins: 

  • MyEtherWallet 
  • Jaxx Ethereum Wallet
  • Ledger Nano S 

WAX Platform is a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace for the trading of virtual assets. 

A significant focus for the WAX platform is around the gaming community and providing a blockchain that gamers can trust—additionally, Funko.Inc has offered physical redemptions when buying their digital NFTs, which continues to grow in popularity.

How to Use TokenHead to Track NFTs 

Setting up a TokenHead account is quick and painless. However, it requires having what you need and following three steps. 

  1. Download the TokenHead app on your device. 
  2. Open up a WAX account with crypto coins. 
  3. Add your WAX account’s crypto address. 

Your WAX crypto coin address will be automatically generated and found at the top right corner of the screen.

Wax Address Coin

What is a WAX crypto address? 

It’s a public address that will be used on the blockchain whenever you take part in transactions using smart contracts. For example, smart contracts help you sell, buy and trade NFTs on the blockchain. 

Remember, you do not need any WAX crypto coins in the account to use the TokenHead app. However, having them in the account makes for a better experience in using the app. 

TokenHead app does not allow the ability to buy, sell or trade digital NFTs from within the app. Instead, you have to go to Atomic Hub to purchase NFTs from their secondary marketplace.  


What You Need To Know When Using TokenHead App

Before downloading the TokenHead app – you’ll want to keep this in mind as well.

TokenHead App Wax

Tip #1: Avoid using your Real Name as your USERNAME 

Blockchain is a new technology, and there’s still a lot of scammers looking to take advantage of others who are less familiar with it. 

So beware and prevent identity theft by removing personal information from your usernames when creating your WAX account. 

Creating a separate email address dedicated to your NFT collecting and investing journey using the blockchain is recommended. 

Additionally, when you join discord community servers, you’ll be able to use that email address and the non-personalized user name to your advantage. 


Tip #2: Be aware of the risks when buying NFTs and Crypto

Consider using money that you are willing to lose when investing in NFTs or Crypto. It’s far easier to stomach that NFTs are a risky asset class, and these coins can become less valuable over time. 

When buying WAX using bitcoin, remember to use the correct crypto address, or you could lose your funds entirely. It’s a hard reality for digital NFT collectors who are just starting. 



Why TokenHead Is the App to Track Your Digital Collectibles

It is three steps to get to view all your NFTs. Simple and effective. 

TokenHead provides digital collectors the chance to see all their NFTs in the same view within one app. In addition, its simplicity and easy user experience bring many benefits to those within the NFT community. 

Being able to view all your NFTs on your phone without going to a browser makes collecting even more fun. You can filter by mint number, date, and value. And it shows both the USD and WAX an NFT is worth in summary with all your other collections. 

The app shines with the ability to view multiple accounts at once within the same screen. Now you can keep track of your digital collectibles, similar to tracking your stock market portfolio. 

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