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5 Best Wax Blockchain Games You Should Play to Earn Crypto

How does crypto gaming work, and which wax blockchain games are best for play-to-earn opportunities? 

Cryptocurrency continues to receive a lot of interest. As a result, sophisticated blockchain networks are being developed, which will benefit the whole sector.

Play-to-earn games do what typical video games don’t: they compensate players for their efforts and time invested in a game. 

And, as the marketplace attracts new and youthful investors, gaming companies have begun to create blockchain-based games—First will dive into what crypto gaming is and how you can get involved. 

Let’s dive in:

What is crypto gaming?

Crypto gaming is a decentralized kind of gaming in which players may own unique in-game assets and trade them to anybody willing for real-world money. 

Collectors may swap digital assets for cryptocurrency, which they can then convert into real money. Crypto games are created by storing data regarding distinctive assets held by players utilizing a whole or partial blockchain system, which is how consumers profit from cryptocurrency games. 

The creators hold all digital assets, in-game currencies, weapons, skins, characters, automobiles, and other conventional gaming and development items. On the other hand, in a crypto game, the user owns the objects obtained as the game progresses.

Furthermore, such games on blockchain networks, all linked computers have accessibility to the same amount of data (all of it), decentralizing data control and providing players and developers equal dominance and influence.

Players may use blockchain technology in crypto games for two reasons.

First, the creators can utilize a blockchain to build the entire game or only use it for the in-game cash. In the first instance, every gaming interaction is validated and recorded in the blockchain as new blocks. Second, in the second scenario, non-fungible tokens, often known as NFTs, can be utilized for in-game digital assets.

How does a game work on a blockchain?                                                               

It is common knowledge that cryptos may be purchased and sold quickly and simply using digital wallets and crypto exchanges. So, what role does crypto play in online gaming? How do you do it?

Where crypto gaming differs from other forms of gaming, it allows consumers to add value to their purchases. Crypto games frequently keep store tokens, such as in-game merchandise, on a distributed ledger atop a crypto network. The blockchain is the distributed ledger that allows gaming items to be exchanged for cryptocurrency, exchanging for real money.

In-app purchases allow users to purchase stuff straight from the game, such as money, other lives, custom characters, clothes, and accessories. In addition, in-app transactions allow users to purchase products with bitcoin or buy cryptocurrency itself for crypto gaming. On the other hand, Mainstream games often purchase components from a single developer-owned store, which benefits the creators rather than the gamers.

What games can I play to earn crypto?

Play to Earn NFT Games

The best NFT games elevate video gaming to new heights. One of the NFT game styles where participants concentrate on earning is play-to-earn.  

Players gain a variety of things with a proven scarcity that is only theirs. In addition, the notion introduces the concept of the multiverse, allowing gamers to utilize their stuff in numerous games.

Games for Players (Reward: In-game Coins & Transaction)

Players progress in the second type of NFT game by acquiring in-game objects. Those in-game assets have a monetary worth in and of themselves. In-game assets have been tokenized in the finest NFT games in this category, allowing players to collect them as NFTs. (Tokens that aren’t fungible). Players can gather and sell guns, characters, vehicles, and other in-game assets in various ways in games for players.

Free To Play Games (User Experience & Players-Teenagers-Coders)

Gamified learning is nothing novel in the realm of the top NFT games. Free-to-play is a form of NFT game in which there is no initial investment.

1. Alien Worlds – Wax Blockchain Game for Space Lovers 

Alien Worlds is a blockchain-based metaverse that largely relies on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). It was launched in 2020 by Dacoco GmbH, a German business that published several successful initiatives. Alien Worlds by the Trillium (TLM) token, both an in-game cash and a sophisticated utility asset with enhanced Defi capabilities. 

The game Alien Worlds’ popularity on blockchain transfers significant components of everyday life into the digital realm. The marketable Decentralized Autonomous Organization; NFTs registered on the blockchain to reflect different crypto assets (DAO) framework that interests and inspires participants who can administer the society on Planet DAO, their virtual home.

2. Starship – Wax Blockchain Game for Galaxy Explores

Starship is a strategic futuristic space game based on the blockchain allowing players to build their space stations. The game allows players to play as aliens and focuses on the split between those who believe Pluto is a planet and those who don’t. Believers are a part of the Pluto alliance and those who don’t are in the galactic union. 

Since the galactic union does not believe Pluto is a planet, they think it’s okay to mine Pluto’s resources. Additionally, the art is by the famous world of warcraft artists, and fans couldn’t be happier with how fun the game is to play. 

If you’d like to learn more about Starship, watch this podcast dedicated to explaining the earn-to-play blockchain game from the founder and creator: 

You have to spend $10 in Starship tokens to play with your WAX nfts on the blockchain to play the game. 

3. Farmers World – Wax Blockchain Game for Animal Lovers

Players will mine for coins using both energy and tools, and once they’ve gathered materials such as gold, they can buy land to create their farms. The farms produce other crypto tokens as well. 

To play the game, you need energy and tools together to start mining, and you can mine a resource such as food tokens, wood tokens, and gold token. So, for example, to create energy in the game, you need a food token, whereas to create tools, you’d need both wood tokens and gold tokens. 

Learn more about Farmers World’s roadmap and if this game is suitable for you: Farmers World, now, then, and future | by Farmers World | Medium

4. Blockchain Brawlers – Wax Blockchain Game for Wrestling Fans 

Blockchain Brawlers champions

Blockchain Brawlers is a wrestling play-to-earn game where your brawler can win championship belts and titles while buying in-game items on the WAX blockchain as nfts. Fight fans and wrestling fans would love this earn to play game. 

The first series edition of digital collectibles is 

  1. Standard 
  2. Hardcore 
  3. Cage Match 
  4. Death Match 

Also, with 300 limited editions legendary nfts available as well. 

Additionally, the new blockchain game will use a bridge between Binance NFT and the WAX Cloud Wallet. 

5. Prospectors – Wax Blockchain Game for Gold Rush Miners 

Prospectors Mining

Prospectors is an online real-time economic strategy (MMORTS) game with a vastly multiplayer component. The gaming world is based on a real-world economic system and runs on free-market principles.

Gamers have access to various materials and land and equipment for land usage and economic activities; they pay taxes to the state. In addition, the actors might form unions and business groups; these payments help keep the Prospectors gaming world growing. 

All gaming activity occurs within the project’s smart contract and all of your assets stored on the blockchain. Prospectors switched from the EOS blockchain to WAX for a more user-friendly interface.

From the list above, it is evident that the greatest blockchain games incorporate prominent gameplay genres. As a result, the best blockchain games are much more enjoyable to play and do not require a high skill level. 

Furthermore, the finest NFT games are profitable in novel ways since they provide entertainment and are a good source of revenue for many people. Furthermore, their integrated blockchain aspects rank first in terms of establishing originality.

NFT Games Continue to Increase in Popularity Over Time

Gamers, collectors, and investors couldn’t be more excited about using nft games to earn crypto with little effort. As the nft community gains popularity, blockchain games will also increase participation and innovation in general.  

Which games will have the most significant impact on the crypto space? We see for the wax blockchain Alien Worlds, Starship, and Farmers World. 

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