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6 Best NFT Projects On WAX For Digital Collectors

Which are the best NFT projects on WAX? First, we will share which brands are most well-known and popular regarding NFT projects on WAX. Afterward, we will rank the WAX NFT projects based on their secondary market Atomic Hub performance. 

Brands are partnering with WAX blockchain to launch their first series of digital collectibles due to many different reasons. 

What are NFTs, and what do they do?

An NFT is a non-fungible token stored on a digital ledger or also known as Blockchain, which can represent ownership of digital art because it’s 100% unique. NFTs use smart contracts to make agreements between buyers and sellers. 

Examples include photos, videos, audio, and gifs. Also, they are incorruptible, unfalsifiable, and indestructible. 

Our focus is to provide a list of the top 10 NFT projects on the WAX blockchain that you must add to your digital wallet. 

Let’s dive in: 

List of Best NFT Projects on WAX Blockchain

A significant consideration for WAX blockchain is within the Gaming Industry and partnering with well-known and established companies 

within that space. 

1. Street Fighter 

Street Fighter is a video game known for its one-on-one fighting style and memorable K.O. scenes when a player wins. In doing so, we’ve seen NFTs capture that moment go for 150 dollars U.S. plus in terms of the WAX coin.

Fans who used to play the game when they were younger find themselves buying Street Fighter NFTs because of the nostalgia they get watching those memorable scenes over again. 

Additionally, fans who missed out on the launch can buy these NFTs via secondary markets such as Atomic Assets and others. 

Learn more about street fighter and the collection of NFTs available: Discuss Everything About Street Fighter Wiki | Fandom 

2. Topps

Are you a fan of Major League Baseball? Topps launched their first series 1 NFTs of MLB cards via Topps before moving to their marketplace hosted by themselves. 

The series one cards are still a success and worth hundreds of dollars in terms of WAX coins. Each continues to sell on secondary markets as well. 

In addition, Topps offered the ability to filter by your favorite team, and fans started to collect full sets of the team to complete their collection. 

When your favorite players made it on the all-star team or won a game, the value of the NFT would rise as more non-NFT collectors wanted them. It’s enjoyable watching the value of these NFTs increase as more players batting averages did better. 

3. Robotech 

Like most NFT projects on the WAX blockchain, they released 1 to 6 exclusive stickers as a promo for free. Robotech has a loyal fan base, and the packs sold out fast. 

Rarity was different on each page. Collectors had the option to get the following: 

  1. Build 
  2. Base 
  3. Bronze 
  4. Sliver 
  5. Gold 
  6. 1-of-1 Auction

Pack options were standard pack ($9.99), mecha pack ($49.99), and starter pack ($9.99). 

Robotech is a class sci-fi anime that continues to grow in popularity, and the collection reminds fans of their childhood. 

4. Funko – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 


Funko.Inc introduced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NFTs as their first-ever drop, and it was a success. There were 20,000 Standard Packs, and 10,000 Premium Packs dropped in August 2021. In addition, each NFT pack had the following types of rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Grails. 

Funko pop collectors attended this launch in hopes of getting a physical redemption of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exclusive funko pop. 

5. Power Rangers 

Power Rangers has a huge loyal fan base who grew up watching the series every day during the week, and they launched their first NFT series. During this drop, they provided a 1-limited edition Dino Megazord per pack at the cost of $199. It sold for 2x to 4x times due to its rarity. Also, it came with a redeemable coin to get a physical redemption. 

Learn more about how Power Rangers introduced their first NFT collection to the online community. 

6. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels NFTs

Hot Wheels NFT garage introduced its first series on the WAX blockchain through multiple packs giving collectors the chance to add these popular cars like Twin Mill, Deora II, and Bone Shaker to their collection. 

Jay Leno featured a Hot Wheels Livestream competition on his YouTube channel, where they dropped an exclusive 500 limited edition Hot Wheel promo stickers using a Q.R. code during the stream. 

See more about the collection at The official Hot Wheels NFTs are here! Collect a brand-new set of NFT digital collectibles on WAX. (hotwheelsnftg.io)

They exchange value, and NFTs cannot get replicated in any form. 

What makes a good NFT project on WAX? 

Successful WAX NFTs usually have to do with the utility and hype around the launch of the collection. For example, teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NFTs had a redeemable coin for a physical product, allowing collectors to get an exclusive Funko pop to collect and complete the set.  

Suppose a project allows for physical redeemable and makes an easy user experience to purchase a pack or trade and sell on a secondary market. In that case, it will do better than expected. 

The Power Rangers project also allowed users to get a physical product as well. Whereas, Pop! Fantastik Plastik didn’t have a physical redemption and also had far few NFTs minted. 

Why is the WAX coin price increasing over time? 

The WAX coin on their Blockchain introduces new collectible NFT projects from large, credible, and reputable companies. In addition, fellow collectors who traditionally collect in-person eased into collecting NFTs using WAX coin due to the availability of buying packs of NFTs with a credit card at first. 

Instead of relying on converting or exchanging crypto and being educated on how to do it, collectors could get involved quickly.    

NFT Projects on WAX Volume

Read more on why WAX continues to innovate in the blockchain and NFT space: 3 Leading Toy Companies Pave the Way on WAX | by WAX io | Nov 2021 | Medium

Gaming Industry Has Best NFT Projects on WAX Currently 

As more gaming and toy companies partner with WAX to bring NFT projects, we expect to see a continued increase in the adoption of writing smart contracts on the WAX blockchain. 

The best NFT projects remain within the gaming and toy communities, such as Streetfighter, Funko, Hot Wheels, and Power Rangers. Additionally, Blade runner will drop on November 22nd, 2021, which continues the trend of the gaming communities getting involved with WAX NFTs. 

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