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How to Write An NFT Press Release (with Examples)

Writing an nft press release takes skill and requires time. Only dedication and patience will help you get better and see positive results. We outline what you need to know to create press releases on behalf of your nft project. 

It allows you to promote your upcoming launch and the benefits of your collection to others. Also, we share the four different types of nft press releases you should consider writing for your nft collection. 

Let’s start with the basics: 

What is an NFT Press Release? 

An NFT press release is a formal statement issued by an organization to the media. For example, they announce the launch of a non-fungible token release, explain new technology integration, or introduce a partnership that enhances the nft project. 

Types of Press Releases 

1. NFT Launch Announcement 

  • Add the date when the new collection launches and why it differs from others. 

2. NFT Technology Integration 

  • Include what platform enhancements or new features your nft marketplace will bring and when. 

3. NFT Partnership 

  • Include who you are merging with or partnering with, what drives that decision, and its benefits. 

4. NFT Events (conferences or in-person gatherings)

  • Add the location or place and when it’s available. Explain if a fee for admission or tickets is required and the overall cost. 

5. NFT Rebranding 

  • Include the new name or what’s changing with your nft project to others. 

Headlines Matter Most When Writing NFT Press Releases

Write the title or headline at the end of your editorial process. It gives you time to think about the best way to summarize and communicate what you are trying to say.

Figure out your intended audience and determine why they would read about your news. For example, some audiences are nft collectors, nft investors, or nft project owners.

No matter the audience, make sure to provide enough value and a reason to read on upfront. 

A popular technique among journalists and press release writers use the inverted pyramid. It helps them tell the hook first and the most important information first.

Best NFT Press Release Examples List 

1. DraftKings NFT – Unveiling Plans to Launch an NFT for the First Time 

Draft Kings NFT Press Release

DraftKings plans to deliver a scalable, environmentally friendly blockchain system that allows for more throughput, cheaper transaction costs, and extended possibilities. 

Additionally, they plan to connect athletes with companies across four verticals: licensing, marketing, content, and investment, allowing them to maximize the value of their name, image, and likeness assets.

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2. NFL NFT – Introduce NFTs During Live Events 

Superbowl NFT Press Release

The NFL announced they were creating non-fungible tokens for the 2021 AFC and NFC teams a part of the Super Bowl. These NFTs would feature conference trophies, the winning team’s logos, and the date and score of the game won. 

Dapper Labs will produce the first NFT series, which the NFL will be incorporated into the future NFL ALL DAY marketplace. 

This nft press release goes in-depth on what impact this can have and how Dapper Labs will play a role in introducing NFTs to the football community. 

Read more: Dapper Labs Announces Limited Edition AFC/NFC Conference Champion NFTs

3. Star Trek NFT – New Partnership formed to offer New NFTs to Lifelong Fans 

Paramount Plus Star Trek NFT Press

Star Trek™ is the first franchise to launch a non-fungible token with Paramount Pictures, and the Season 0 drop will feature algorithmically-generated starships, making them unique. Once that’s successful, Paramount plans to release nfts from Nickelodeon. 

RECUR, and Paramount will be dropping 20,000 Star Trek™ digital collectibles with an additional 2,000 in reserve through this launch.

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4. MLB NFT – Leverages New Technology for Player Stats Updated Daily Using NFTs 


MLB leverages Candy Digital to allow fans to acquire and trade; each of the 720 featured players’ NFTs will have several variants and rarities (Core, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary). Additionally, Baseball enthusiasts can now collect NFTs of MLB players, whose stats will be updated every day throughout the season.

This new technology creates more engagement between fans and athletes, and the press release goes into depth on why it’s revolutionary. 

Read more: Candy Digital Announces 2022 MLB ICON Leadoff Series NFTs Featuring Dynamic Player Statistics Updated Daily

Challenges When Writing NFT Press Releases 

Writing an nft press release can be difficult when you aren’t emersed in the nft space and aren’t familiar with the terminology used among fellow nft holders.

The nft community has many terms such as ‘sweeping the floor,’ ‘GM, which stands for Good Morning,’ and others.

Always find sources who can break down the terminology and culture of the nft space for you. Do so first before starting to write a press release about non-fungible tokens.

Press Release Tips For Beginners 

Provide an email address: Remember to include contact information at either the bottom or the top of the press release so journalists and other news outlets can contact you for more details. 

Reach out first: Conduct a google search for the term ‘Submit NFT News’ to find other news outlets to send your press release. You can send a version of the press release article to these writers before it’s published so they can draft an article and hit publish once yours goes live. 

State the facts: Include specific dates, times, and full names of companies. It allows journalists to fact-check and have all the necessary information to share their messages with others. 

Include quotes: Getting original first-person research enhances your press release and gives multiple perspectives on the topic from subject matter experts. It’s necessary to get the whole story and an effective communication tool. 

Why NFT Press Releases Are Essential For Project Owners

NFT Press Release Stats

Take the time to prepare a statement from your nft team which helps increase sales of your nfts upon launch, promotes your nft collection, and has the potential to increase the floor price of an existing nft collection. 

Nfts won’t sell without a built-up audience or hype and overall marketing. A press release helps journalists and other news outlets pick up your nft project’s unique story and feature it in front of a broader group of investors or collectors. 

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