Smart Contract Wallets

What is a Smart Contract Wallet? & How Do They Work

How do intelligent contract wallets work? We’ve put together a guide explaining everything you need to know about securing your digital wallets and how to protect your NFTs the right way. 

As an NFT collector, you’ll want to make sure you have the best crypto wallet and understand the technology this digital art uses to store your collectibles. 

Let’s start with the basics: 

What is a Smart Contract Wallet? 

A smart contract wallet is an Ethereum wallet controlled through a smart contract with a private key.  It allows customers to experience superior functions.

This includes multi-sig transactions and day-by-day transfer limits. Also, includes emergency account freezing, and extra secure account restoration.

Since flexible and immutable contracts offer a secure and inspiring playground for innovations. Additionally, it allows networks to store data transparent and immutable. 

What’s the Advantage of Using a Smart Contract Wallet?

Part of the advantage of a smart contract wallet is much less reliance on different mediums of restoration.

However, every wallet we’ve protected to date in our wallet collection has required a few forms of statistics for restoration (and access) purposes, including a personal key or mnemonic phrase. 

However, smart contract wallets use types of restoration that don’t require writing down and remembering lengthy strings of statistics.

Why do NFTs use Smart Contact Wallets?

NFTs use smart contracts and the blockchain to create unique and permanent information, allowing the ability not to divide this digital art into smaller units for sale. 

They’ve become well-known due to their proven ownership and how easy they can transfer to others in a digital ledger—making NFTs one of a kind and rare. Additionally, they cannot be reciprocated and are considered unique. 

NFT Wallets Smart Contract

Is Coinbase a Smart Contract Wallet?

Coinbase can accept Ethereum using smart contracts, easily transferable using the Ethereum smart contract wallet. You can also connect with smart contracts and Dapps using Metamask.

A smart contract is an algorithm that, once activated, users and developers can process a function. 

Any interaction or activity on a decentralized application falls into this category, including:

  • Depositing funds
  • Swapping tokens
  • Withdrawing funds
  • Adding liquidity
  • Executing a trade

As you can see, smart contracts are more than essential. They constitute a device that automates specific responsibilities and makes them feasible to exist in the first place. 

You would realize that smart reading contracts is the maximum critical ability.

Best NFT Smart Contract Wallets for Consideration

Here’s a list of digital wallets worth getting started with that is highly secure when collecting crypto and NFTs. 

  1. MetaMask 
  2. Coinbase 
  3. AlphaWallet 
  4. Enjin Wallet
  5. Trust Wallet

The majority of NFTs are compatible with these digital wallets and their blockchains. 

How To Create a Smart Contract Wallet for NFTs

These are the steps to create a smart contract wallet on your own. Anyone can quickly write a smart contract by following these steps:

  1. For the starting point, find an open-source Solidity contract
  2. Define the abstract token contract
  3. Define the abstract store contract
  4. Test cases for use with TDD
  5. Execute the smart contract code
  6. Creating a custom developer chain for testing purposes

Also, WAX encourages its users to create a smart contract wallet.

1. Proof of wallet ownership

The maximum dependable manner to show ownership of cryptocurrencies is to signal a particular message with your Private Key. By doing so, the third party can confirm that the counterparty indeed is aware of the respective Private Key without exposing the very key or having to ship a transaction.

2. Transferring Ethereum Between Wallets Through Smart Contracts

Ethereum smart contracts wallet can accept Ethereum transfers and make Ethereum transfers out. Contracts can access their current Ethereum balance with the address.

Contract functions require the payable modifier to accept transfers. 

In addition, the contract can determine the amount of Ethereum attached to an invocation using a message.

Pros vs. Cons of Using a Smart Contract Wallet

Why You Should Use a Smart Contract:

1. Savings

Smart contracts do not need brokers to confirm the agreement to remove any risk of manipulation from third parties. Also, this results in massive savings as well.

2. Backup

The documents stored on blockchain are safely secure and duplicated many times to restore the original ones in any data loss.

3. Speed

Smart contracts automate the tasks by using protocols and processing, saving hours of various business processes.

4. Un Hackable 

They are difficult to hack and highly secure since they use a programming language, and every address is unique. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Smart Contract:

1. Difficult to change

It is almost impossible to change smart contract processes; any error in the code can be time-consuming and very expensive to debug.

2. Possibility of loopholes

According to the idea of properly faith, parties will deal pretty and now no longer get benefits unethically from a contract. 

However, smart contracts make it tough to confirm phrases meet conditions consistent with what changed upon agreement.

3. Third-party

Although intelligent contracts seek to remove third-party involvement, it isn’t viable to remove them. Third parties anticipate different roles from those who soak up traditional contracts. 

For example, third parties will no longer have legal professionals to put together individual contracts; however, they’ll be needed with the aid of developers to recognize the phrases to create codes for smart contracts.

Uses of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts can show up in many fields, from healthcare to the supply chain to financial services. Some examples are as follows:

Government vote casting device

Smart contracts offer stable surroundings making the vote casting device much less prone to manipulation. However, intelligent contract votes might be ledger-protected, which is extraordinarily hard to decode.

Moreover, smart contracts may want to grow the turnover of citizens, which is traditionally low because of the inefficient device that calls for citizens to line up, display identity, and complete paperwork. 

Finally, while transferred online using smart contracts, voting can grow the variety of members in a vote casting device.


Blockchain can keep the encoded fitness facts of patients with a private key. Only specific people can get access to the facts for privacy concerns. Similarly, studies may be performed confidentially and securely with smart contracts.

All hospital receipts of patients may save on the blockchain and mechanically shared with coverage groups as evidence of service. Moreover, the ledger may be used for special activities, handling supplies, supervising drugs, and law compliance.

Supply chain

Traditionally, supply chains go through because of paper-primarily based structures in which paperwork passes via a couple of channels to get approvals. The arduous procedure will increase the chance of fraud and loss.

Blockchain can nullify such dangers by handing over a handy and stable virtual model to events concerned within the chain. Smart contracts may be used for stock control and automating bills and tasks.

Financial offerings

Smart contracts assist in remodeling conventional financial services in a couple of ways. First, in the case of coverage claims, they carry out blunders, checking, routing, and transfer payments to the consumer if the entirety is appropriate.

Smart contracts comprise vital gear for bookkeeping and get rid of the opportunity of infiltration of accounting facts. They additionally allow shareholders to participate in choice-making in an obvious way. 

They assist in change clearing, in which the price range gets a transfer as soon as the quantities of change settlements get calculated.

Use Smart Contract Wallets When Collecting NFTs

There are many use cases where a digital wallet makes sense, and when collecting NFTs, it’s necessary. 

Taking the time to read about which wallets are smart contract wallets and have additional layers of protection will only improve your success as a digital collector. 

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