Best Boxing NFTs on Opensea

Best Boxing NFT Collections List: Which Boxers Have NFTS?

Do you know how many boxing NFT collections are available? We’ve compiled a list of the best boxing NFT collections currently on the blockchain and outlined details like how much they earn from nfts and how they launched their nfts all in one place. 

Our guide goes in-depth on the different types of NFTs. You’ll see available from these legendary boxers and what makes these NFTs so unique. 

Boxers take a serious look at their brands and promotions; they continue to announce and release boxing nfts across different crypto marketplaces like Binance, Rarible, and WAX. 

Which boxers have NFTs?

Legendary and new boxers started launching NFTs on the blockchain for their fans. Examples of boxers with NFTs are Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, Muhammad Ali, Olexander Usyk, and Jake Paul.

Boxers are taking advantage of their star power and business savviness when monetizing on their most meaningful moments in the ring. As a result, every knockout of their opponent could become an NFT that lives forever. 

Let’s dive in: 

Best Boxing NFT Collections List:  


1. Mike Tyson 

NFTs aren’t limited to only a Jpeg on the blockchain. For example, Mike Tyson’s NFT collection introduces a 1/1 NFT with an ‘unlockable’; What number you get is an ‘unlockable’ determines how much you get. 

Here’s the Breakdown of Mike Tyson’s NFT Collection: 

  • Unlockable
    • #1 – Trip to Tyson Ranch. All expenses paid. 
    • #2 – Boxing Lessons with Tyson. 1×1 training. 
    •  #3 – Sparring session with Mike’s sparring partner, with Mike in your corner. 
    • #4 – Relax, smoke weed with The Champ Mike. 
    • #5 – Treasure box, filled with exclusive Mike Tyson merchandise, memorabilia, accessories, and Tyson swag.
    • #6 – Physical Cory Van Lew painting of the 1-of-1 NFT. 

Mike Tyson’s 1/1 Undisputed NFT is selling for $205.14 on OpenSea; however, the LAZER EYEZ Edition 29/50 is selling for $13,539.31. 

His artwork for the NFT collection was from Cory Van Lew. It includes legendary pre-fight interviews, sensational knockouts, and historic boxing match scenes. 

Mike Tyson NFT Collectibles # Know All About Collection By Cory Van Lew (

More info about NFT launches: THE MIKE TYSON NFT COLLECTION (

2. Floyd Mayweather 

Floyd Money Mayweather NFT Collection

Floyd Mayweather releases an NFT on Raible called ‘All Work Is Easy Work,’ which celebrates his undefeated 50-0 Record. Also, only having a limited edition of 50. 

Also, He auctioned off one of these NFTs with a digital signature, signed boxing gloves, and personalized NFT celebrating dinner with Floyd. 

How Much Did Floyd Mayweather Earn From NFTS? 

It’s hard to give an exact number; however, close estimate suggestions the following: 

  • Floyd Mayweather – ‘The Champ’ NFT
    • #1 – 100 available x .25 ETH per each 
    • #2 – 250 x .15 ETH per each 
  • Floyd Mayweather – ‘All Work Is Easy Work’ NFT – 49 available x 4 ETH per each 

If 1 ETH is 3,900.33, then 15,601.32 for 4 ETH, which means ‘All Work is Easy Work NFT’ could have sold for a total of 764,464.68 at the time of writing this. 

More info about NFT launches: Floyd Mayweather NFT (

3. Muhammad Ali 


Legendary Muhammad Ali made history in his boxing career and shaped the sport for what it is. Now on WAX blockchain Christina Jansen a photographer had exclusive photos turned into NFTs for an Ali NFT Collection boxing fans couldn’t refuse. 

Ali sold packs of NFTs on the WAX blockchain by credit card and did not require cryptocurrency to purchase, whereas most boxing nfts use ETH and cost gas fees for the transactions. 

In addition, profits from selling the NFTs go towards helping young individuals to provide a safe place for both physical and mental health. 

Here’s a Breakdown of Muhammad Ali’s NFT Collection: 

  • Classic
  • Negative
  • Gallery
  • Photographer
  • Championship
  • Behind the scenes

If you get one of the limited Ali ‘Championship’ nft, there’s a chance you’ll win one of three physical nfts at random. 


4. Manny Pacquiao

PacMan Manny Pacquiao

Legendary boxer four-time welterweight champion introduces NFTs to his long-time fans and continues to have early success selling on the blockchain. 

Manny Pacquiao’ The PacMan’ Belt 1/1 NFT sells for $20,442 on Ethernity; however, the ‘Common’ Edition sells for $318. His first NFT collection launched with Ethernity Chain (ERN) on and came with two tickets to his upcoming boxing match, a ‘meet & greet’ opportunity, and a photo opportunity. 

Also, “Painter of Champions” Jun Aquino nft will be auctioned off where the owner will get the digital NFT, along with a physical painting that Manny Pacquiao signs. It’s a painting with legends of Manny Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugás going head-to-head, a memorable scene that most fight fans won’t forget.  

All sales will benefit Many Pacquiao’s Foundation, helping his cause grow and be supported. 

More info about NFT launches Ethernity Manny Pacquiao: Exclusive Authenticated.

5. Canelo Alvarez vs. Billy Sanders 

Canelo DAZN

DAZN launched their first nft series on the blockchain via OpenSea and focused on the undisputed 168-pound champion, Canelo Alvarez, along with Billy Sanders, a two-time world champion. 

Here’s the Breakdown of Canelo’s NFT Collection: 

  • Tale of the Type:
    • Silver NFT – 50 – Limited – Fixed Price 
    • Gold NFT for Canelo – Auction
    • Gold NFT for Sanders – Auction 
  • Exclusive Knockout
    • Legendary NFT for Canelo & Sanders – Auction

Additionally, the gold ‘Tale of the Tapes’ winner will receive signed gloves from Canelo Alvarez or Eddie Hearn.  

More info about NFT launches: Canelo v. Saunders: Face the Fearless – Collection | OpenSea

6. Tyson Fury 

Tyson Fury NFT Collection

Tyson Fury, a two-time world champion British boxer, introduced nfts to his fanbase in the UK using the platform HoDooi to interact with the blockchain. He (The Gypsy King) released them in two parts: 

Here’s the Breakdown of Tyson Fury’s NFT Collection: 

  • Part #1:
    • Diamond 
    • Platinum
    • Gold 
    • Silver 
    • Bronze
  • Part #2: 
    • “Lineal by Tyson Fury”

If you get the “Lineal by Tyson Fury” nft, you’ll get a 5-foot by 5-foot painting of the NFT. Along with signed boxing gloves and a personalized video from Tyson Fury. 

More info about NFT launches: Lineal by Tyson Fury (

7. Jake Paul

Jake Paul Boxing

Jake Paul, social media star (a.k.a Youtuber) turned professional boxer, took NFTs to the next level by introducing million-dollar knockouts. 

Here’s the Breakdown of Jake Paul’s NFT Collection: 

  • Triller minted ‘Former NBA player Nate Robinson’ knockout
  • Triller minted ‘Former UFC fighter Ben Askren’ knockout 

More info about NFT launches

Additionally, he’s sharing profits from his NFTs to go towards his boxing bullies foundation, supporting youth who are getting cyber-bullied and building their confidence.  

Read more: Jake Paul’s Boxing Bullies is auctioning an exclusive NFT sneaker to combat bullying.

8. Olexander Usyk

Usyk Collection

Olexander Usky is a Ukrainian boxer making his country proud with all the knockouts and wins he’s acquired and now is taking his highlight reels to the nft world. 

Here’s the Breakdown of Olexander Usyk’s NFT Collection: 

  • #1Tier: Steel – Fixed Price 
  • #2 Tier: Titanium – Fixed Price
  • #3 Tier: Gold – Fixed Price 
  • #4 Tier: Platinum – Auction only 
  • #5 Tier: Diamond – Auction only 

If you get a ‘Platinum’ NFT, you’ll receive professional boxing gloves signed by Oleksandr Usyk. Also, if you become the owner of ‘Diamond’ NFT, you’ll get a personal training session in person with the undefeated champion. 

More info about NFT launches Official Usyk NFTs.

Why Boxers Are Releasing NFTs 

Boxers are jumping into the nft due to the significant benefits it brings both financially and for their brand. First, boxers can increase their fanbase, which leads to more ticket sales (sold-out stadiums) and more revenue. Second, boxers can engage with their fans by offering a digital collectible that exists forever. 

Most boxers provide NFTs with a utility such as offering tickets, private training sessions, physical paintings, and the digital NFT. Also, these nft projects usually include ‘fixed price’ nfts and ‘auction’ one-of-a-kind nfts. 

The ‘auction-based nfts tend to come with more utility and are more expensive yet considered more valuable as well. Whether the launch of the nft project uses tiers, parts, or different pricing structures, each nft gives fans the chance to remember a historic moment in boxing.  

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