Find Free NFT Drops

Where to Find Free NFT Drops to Sell for Millions

Where could you find free nft drops? We break down all the best places to find free nft drops before they happen so you can get them first. A free nft, also known as a promo nft, could go from $0 to $50 and beyond, depending on many factors. We will explain these factors and get to nft drops earlier than everyone else. 

We will share what makes a promo nft popular and quickly increase the price of these free nfts from companies. Also, what to avoid when spending your time attending these free nft drops. 

What are free nft drops?

Free NFT Street Fighter WAX

Nft drops, also known as promo nfts, are small ‘stress’ tests with a limited amount of nfts available focused on finding out how much demand there will be for a nft and if they can handle it. 

As companies get started in the nft world, they are new and need a way to test their nft project on a small scale.

That’s where free nft drops come into play and how impactful they are for the fanbase and the company. 

When these companies joined the blockchain for the first time, for example, Capcom when introducing Street Fighter series 1, they all wanted to “stress” test the technology used to distribute nfts to their fans. 

Best Places to Find Free NFT Drops to Sell 

Each can help you identify deals worth flipping nfts for a profit. 

1. Nftcalendar is a blog that keeps track of multiple NFT drops and future upcoming nft projects. 

The focus for the site is on the following blockchains: 

  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Polygon
  • Cardano
  • Binance 
  • FLOW
  • Theta
  • Avax Network
  • Tezos

You can see nft projects for: 

  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Ongoing
  • Newest 

Additionally, they ‘verify’ the submitted NFT projects. Finally, it explains a small blurb of what to expect from the NFT collection and which marketplace they are made available. 

You can also search using their search bar to identify previous NFT projects. 

2. Discord

Discord channels are a great way to find free NFT drops because you hear about the latest drops when connecting with other NFT collectors. Some discord communities have a dedicated channel to notify you about upcoming NFT drops. 

NFT Discord | Discord Me

Let’s dive into some giveaways:

Discord Channel NFT

Here’s a list of discord channels for finding free nfts drops: 

  1. Atomic Hub Discord: As a promo, they offered 500 packs with 5 NFTs per pack, with a value of up to 30,000 WAX. The tiers breakdown as ‘Bronze, Silver, and Gold.’ Read more about the WAX available as free NFT giveaways: Announcing: The AtomicHub Discord & a HUGE Community Giveaway! – NFT Insider
  2. Topps NFT Discord: An excellent channel for learning about the latest MLB nft drops, and sometimes they do giveaways you could find out about when a part of this community. 
  3. VeeFriends: Gary Vaynerchuk’s discord channel has a growing community, where they have a general-chat channel that informs you about upcoming NFT projects. You can also meet fellow NFT collectors, who can give you a heads up on future NFTs. 
  4. Wax BlockChain Discord: WAX has a discord channel per each NFT project on their platform. Keep an eye on when new channels are added to their discord because they’ll usually include an announcement of promo nft drops ahead of time within that new channel. It was the case for HotWheels, StreetFighter, & Robotech and would expect to be the same for future projects. 

3. Wall Street Bets on Reddit

Reddit is a popular place for hearing about when upcoming nft drops are happening, and Wall Street Bets is a must-have on the list. Wall Street Bets mainly caters to the financial sector and conversations around blockchain, bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. 

However, there’s still a large portion of conversations around NFTs and those speculating which drop will become the biggest. Be careful when in Reddit forums because it’s easy for others to provide misleading information. 

Did you know Wall Street Bets launched an NFT collection of their own as well? It includes the following breakdown of NFTs: 

  • 30,000 NFT raffle tickets
  • 15,000 Diamond Hands Pass NFTs
  • 153 unique artwork traits
  • 40,600,560 unique possibilities

Read more about how WallStreetBets launch went: 

WallStreetBets Launches NFT Collection | Yahoo Fiance

4. Atomichub (Secondary Market) 


Go directly to the source where you can buy NFTs, and you’ll find free nfts available on AtomicHub. Then, search on Atomichub by filtering for a specific collection; for example, ‘Street Fighter’ is labeled “stf.capcom”, and if you filter by “promo,” you could find them available. 

Then, when you integrate with your WAX cloud wallet, it’s as easy as clicking ‘approve’ to initiate the smart contract. 

How to claim a free nft drop

Claiming a free nft can vary based on which blockchain platform you are using; however, WAX using AtomicHub makes it simple by accepting a smart contract at the time of the launch. 

For example, Jay Leno introduced a promo hot wheels nft, which consisted of 5 different versions of sticker logos during an exclusive live stream he held on his YouTube channel. In addition, his live stream ‘Hot Wheels Legends Tour’ had a special tribute to educating his fanbase on NFTs by allowing users to screenshot a QR code to link to a smart contract to claim the free nft drop. 

Claiming a free nft or promo nft requires finding the link and ‘approving’ the smart contract by using the ‘claim for free’ button on the wax blockchain platform. 

Why Being First Matters When Attending NFT Drops 

You’d be surprised how fast a promo nft could rise in value, especially if you get one that’s a part of the first series of the multiple collections. 

Take the time to join a discord community or read through Reddit forms to get involved with upcoming nft drops. We’re also finding other brands like Fanatics are offering exclusive free NFTs if you purchase over $100 in merchandise. Candy x Fanatics partner on an NFT collaboration where they offer free 2021 Candy Jersey NFT.

You’ll find that that free nft could be worth more than the merchandise that you’ve purchased. As always, be careful and spend money you can afford to spend when collecting NFTs. 

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