DAOs and NFTs: How do They Work in Association?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have grown in popularity as an emerging technology; however, it’s unclear what a DOA is and how they work with NFTs. We go in-depth on what’s advantages DOAs have and how it helps the NFT industry. While blockchain technology has been around for almost ten years, it’s only recently the ecosystem has started to take off. DAOs have made a huge impact and are worth learning more about. 

For example, some of you may be aware of the recent surge in popularity of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), which includes crypto-backed loans, stablecoins, and crypto finance solutions.

But what exactly is a DAO, and how is it connected with NFTs? 

Let’s dive in: 

What is a DAO, and How Does it Work?

DAO, or decentralized autonomous organization, is an online organization run using decentralized decision-making processes.  Also known as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), they are a new form of structure that allows for more creativity and flexibility in business and decentralized applications. 

Unlike traditional ways of controlling companies, with DAO technologies, you get to be the CEO which means you are responsible for everything related to your company’s performance.

It has no central authority figure that makes decisions for the organization; instead, decisions such as technical upgrades and management of its treasury are through a consensus-based system.

DAOs use blockchain technology, allowing for a decentralized and secure way to manage the organization. DAOs have various purposes, such as managing a company, running a decentralized marketplace, or even creating a new type of decentralized currency.

Advantages Of Having DOAs

The essential advantage of a DAO is that it is resistant to censorship and corruption, as no central authority can make decisions that are not in the organization’s best interests. Additionally, DAOs can get set up quickly and easily, and anyone with an internet connection can run them.

DAOs Have Voting Systems For Helping The Community 

To become a member of a DAO, you need to hold governance tokens (cryptocurrencies) in your wallet. You can then use those tokens to vote on proposals submitted by other users or make proposals yourself. 

The voting process may have restrictions based on rules set by the DAO itself or an intelligent contract system running on top of Ethereum blockchain technology.

How Are NFTs and DAO Associated?

Example of NFT DOAs: Logan Paul NFT 99 Originals (Uses a DOA)

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations help the NFT industry by collectively allowing groups to own high-value NFTs. Especially beneficial for people who might not be able to afford the significant capital investment required for blue-chip projects.

In addition, by working together, DAOs allow more people to participate in and benefit from the burgeoning NFT market.

1. DAOs Help With Transparency & Governance 

Another thing that connects NFTs with DAOs is community governance. 

Several NFT projects have already established their Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, an excellent means for fans and creators of an NFT project to come together and decide its future. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations help NFTs in community governance by providing a transparent and decentralized system that allows the community to make decisions about the project’s future.

 In addition, this system helps to ensure that all voices in the community get heard and that the project is responsive to the community’s needs.

2. DAOs Are Effective NFT Community Builder

Lastly, the success of an NFT project requires a robust community support system. 

Community building is much simpler for artists and celebrities with a pre-existing fan base. However, this is not the case for new or upcoming artists. 

Where NFT creator collectives governed by DAOs come into play. DAOs are collectives of NFT creators that help with fundraising, marketing, and community outreach tasks.

DAOs typically buy the NFTs from the artists in exchange for the DAO’s tokens. The NFTs are used as collateral for the issued tokens and give the token value. Furthermore, token holders get voting rights in the organization.

Why DOAs Have Grown in Popularity 

DAOs have existed for some time and have a wide range of potential applications. 

For example, in the NFT space, they could support the development of new and existing NFT projects. As the NFT sector expands, we’ll likely see more projects using DAOs.

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