Top Best Veve NFTs

Top 10 Best Veve Collectibles For Collectors

Were you looking for a list of the top 10 best veve collectibles on the market? We analyzed all ‘Ultra Rare’ and ‘Secret Rare’ collectibles for sale during May 2022 by Popular brands such as Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, Batman, Spider-Man, and Captain America. 

Top 10 Best Veve Collectibles 

Our analysis looked at 25+ veve NFTs, 26 to be exactly where there were 20 ‘Ultra Rare’ NFTs and 6 ‘Secret Rare’ NFTs available on the marketplace. We found 4 of the top 10 were ‘Secret Rare’ NFTs due to having a high floor price and being rarer than ‘Ultra Rare.’ 

Batman and Spider-Man were listed most, while Harley Quinn and Thor were listed the least. It sugga higher percentage of holders for Harley & Thor veve NFTs.

Brand Rarity Name Holders Floor Price
1 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn – #19 Steve Pugh 96.0% $74,000
2 Spider-Man Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated 95.6% $19,499
3 Ghostbusters Ghostbusters | Logo – Gold 93.6% $15,402
4 Ghostbusters Ghostbusters | Logo – Platinum 97.0% $8,989
5 Batman #01 Eduardo Risso Batman 97.9% $6,599
6 Spider-Man Ben Reilly – Beyond Spider-Man 96.8% $2,999
7 Spider-Man Spider-Man – Animated 98.0% $2,654
8 Captain America Captain America – Ultimate Animated 97.9% $1,499

Looking at ‘in supply size’ and ‘holder percentage’ indicates which veve nfts are popular among collectors. I will further share how to calculate and analyze supply vs. demand for these veve digital collectibles below. 

Here’s our list; let’s dive in: 

1. Harley Quinn – Steve Pugh


A popular veve is NFT, showing Harley in her earlier phases of life becoming the Harley Quinn we all know and love and a more grunge-inspired style for the character. These collectible illustrations by Steve Pugh and directly from the Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass comic book, which fans admire constantly. 

Red, White, and Black were the colors on display, representing jail time with blood because of her history. Additionally, this collectible is among series one and is known for being the classic ‘Harley’ fans were initially introduced to in the first place. 

2. Spider-Man – Ultimate Animated


Spider-Man is one of the most well-known characters globally; similar to Batman, the fandom around him continues to grow year over year. So when Spider-Man veve NFTs became available, fans jumped on the opportunity to get their own before they sold out. 

3. Ghostbusters | Logo – Gold


Dan Aykroyd created the ghostbusters logo, and Michael Gross, a graphic designer and film producer, designed the final design. It’s a unique logo design and was popular among fans, especially when they saw the logo on the car’s side door. 

4. Ghostbusters | Logo – Platinum


Like the ‘gold’ variation of the logo, there’s a ‘platinum’ version that fans also appreciate. When it was first released, the platinum Secret Rare Ghostbusters logo cost $89 and is now selling for $8,989 at the floor price.

When looking at the logo, most identify a ghost trapped in the red sign. However, admirers and true fans understand Dan Aykroyd and Ivan Reitman reference this ghost as Mooglie. Therefore, it is historically a meaningful non-fungible token because it’s a Mooglie collectible. 

5. Eduardo Risso – Batman


It’s a popular veve digital collectible iconic for featuring Eduardo Risso, a legendary Argentinian comic artist and proud owner of a vast anime convention Rosario called ‘Crack, Bang, Boom.’ 

Tony Cipriano sculpted Batman Black & White # 01 from Eduardo Risso’s painting. Similar to Batman: Black and White miniseries of short stories written by some of the industry’s most extraordinary award-winning talent.

6. Ben Reilly – Beyond Spider-Man


Ben Reilly, a Peter Parker clone, possesses all of Peter Parker’s movements, agility, and skills. This must-have digital collectible includes the new Spider-Man in excellent digital format.

Peter grants Ben Reilly permission to become the next Spider-Man. Fans can’t get enough of Ben Reilly to make this non-fungible token popular and exciting. A high percentage of holders remained and was worth every penny. 

7. Spider-Man – Animated


This must-have digital collectible showcases the famous rendition of Spider-Man hanging upside down for a picture opportunity. Finally, a movie moment marvel fans love and remember well. 

Most veve collectors hold this Spider-Man – Animated nft, increasing its rarity compared to other super-hero NFTs on the platform. 

8. Captain America – Ultimate Animated


Captain America has served as the Sentinel of Liberty, battling for American principles since his debut in 1939. Even after acquiring the Super-Soldier serum, Steve Rogers’ grit, energy, and unwavering principles have cemented his place as one of the greatest heroes.

His shield acts as both an offensive and defensive weapon, which excites fans whenever he uses it in battle. This collectible remains highly desirable due to the shield being present in the artwork and the non-fungible token itself. 

9. Carmine Infantino – Robin


During the gold, silver, and bronze ages, Carmine Infantino worked in the comic book business. Eisner Awards Hall of Famer Infantino, a famous DC illustrator from the 1960s, because of his pioneering style and introduction of meaningful comic illustrations.

He served as an associate artist for Green Lantern, and as president of DC Comics, he published Green Arrow and Batman and oversaw the redesign of Superman. This veve digital collectible remains a fan favorite because Robin was an unsought hero who helped tell the batman story. 

Without Robin, you wouldn’t have Batman and Carmine played a significant role in making that a reality. Which makes this non-fungible token rare and among one of the best veve collectibles on the platform. 

10. Jim Lee – Nightwing


Nightwight, also known as ‘Dick Grayson, is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, frequently with Batman and the Teen Titans. This digital veve collectible illustrations by Jim Lee and is popular among DC fans. 

He used his escrima sticks against his opponents, which sent shockwaves by producing an electromagnetic pulse upon contact. The weapon is accessible to sping and tossed toward opponents. 

Demand vs. Supply For Veve NFTs By Brand 


We analyzed how much supply (on average) each brand has offered to the veve community to understand better the rarity and demand for these types of non-fungible tokens. 

Here’s what we found: 

On average, Ghostbusters have fewer veve nfts available than the other brands: Spider-Man, Harley-Quinn, Batman, Captain America & Thor. It increases Ghostbusters’s value since there are fewer opportunities to get a non-fungible token of that brand. 

Surprisingly, Spider-Man beat Batman and Harley Quinn when it comes to having fewer in supply. However, Batman collectibles are traditionally more popular.  Which could be why veve releases more Batman non-fungible tokens. 

Which Veve NFT Metrics Should You Track 

It’s important to consider ‘supply size’ when looking for a valuable nft on veve. The lower the number, the more exclusive, the more valuable it can be, and the more desirable. However, understanding the overall ‘average in supply size’ is part of the equation. 

It would help if you also considered ‘holder percentage,’ which looks at the total percentage of available nfts ready to be sold on the market minus the total percentage available. 

A simple example would be taking the Spider-Man 65 available on the market for sale divided by 2099 total percentage available within the collection, which equals 3.10%, the total percentage of available nfts ready to be sold on the market. Subtract 100%, and you get a ‘holder percentage’ of 96.9%. 

Now you can determine which veve nfts are worth investing in by using both supply size and holder percentage based on what non-fungible tokens are among veve listings within the platform (or app). 

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