How to Check Your Veve NFT Value

Learning how to check your veve NFT value is easy. First, we share the exact steps and metrics you should know when collecting veve nfts. Then, monitor and use these three best veve nft price trackers to manage your nft collectibles portfolio. 

I will share how to compare the difference between what you paid for a veve nft and the current floor price of the veve nft. 

Do you have an extensive collection of veve nfts? Or a small collection? Either way, keeping track of their value becomes simple when you use the right tools. Our NFT Toolkit shares premium and free tools an nft collect must have to improve their lives.

However, this article will also explain the tools you need to be able to check your veve nft values quickly. 

Let’s dive in: 

Best Veve NFT Price Trackers For Free

Here’s a list of the best veve nft price trackers to help you manage your nft collectible portfolio. 

1. Ecomiwiki


Average Floor Price within 48 hours Data Chart 

Gain access to the average floor price for every collectible on the Veve platform to see if you bought your NFT at a better price than what they are selling for online. 

Premium Interactive data-driven charts 


There’s a Veve NFT 360 view which uses a heat map-like visual to illustrate the percent change in recently sold non-fungible tokens. Giving you a trend of which veve nfts are most popular and growing in popularity over time. 

How Fast an NFT Sells Out


Get a sense of which nfts sold out and how fast they sold out. It’s valuable data because the nfts that do not sell out quickly have less demand. For example, Bobba Fett NFTs sold out extremely fast, whereas Buzz Lightyear still has common nfts and sells at a slower rate. 

2. Vault Value Veve App

Free Interactive data-driven charts

Monitor the floor price of specific nft collectibles or multiple collectibles every hour. It includes historical price charts showing the average, maximums, and lows. 

Monitor the floor price of specific nft collectibles or multiple collectibles every hour. It includes historical price charts showing the average, maximums, and lows. In addition, you can sort by rarity, edition type, and what’s in your vault. 

Also, it includes the drop price and the current price of the nft veve collectibles. 

MCP Daily Earnings Calculator 

It also has an MCP Daily Earning Calculator to monitor your digital assets portfolio’s performance continuously. 


It shows who owns the collectibles and how many they have in their collection. 

See Veve NFT values directly on the home screen of your smartphone.

Group your nft sets to monitor what you like most. 

3. My NFT Tracker (


Average Floor Price up to 180 Days Data Chart 

It includes total listings compared to the average floor price, which is more information than Ecomiwiki. Also, this chart includes the price the nft was sold at and bought at initially. Use this cart to monitor the performance of your digital collectibles individually. 


Metrics include the rarity and release date, making it clear how old the digital collectible is and the variation. It also adds the percentage of how many lists are in the market compared to what’s available. 

You may find only 3% of an entire population listed, which makes it easy to identify. Suggesting there’s a low population and these are more in high demand. 

4 Easy Steps To Check Your Veve NFT Value

You can check your veve NFT value in under 10 seconds via the Veve mobile app. You do not need any other tool or website. All you need is your smartphone connected to wi-fi. 

Here are the steps: 

  1. Go to your ‘Collection’ within Veve Mobile App
  2. Click within the digital asset you would like to track
  3. Scroll to the bottom, where there’s an ‘I’ Icon for ‘Information.’ 
  4. See ‘Floor Price’ and ‘You Paid.’ 

Repeat those steps for each collectible you want to check or monitor over time. 

Best NFT Metrics To Identify Their Value You Should Track

When tracking the performance of your collectibles, it’s important to remember to look at the big picture over time. A great exercise is looking at’s resources, where they offer a free report on a quarterly and annually basis. 

Here are the metrics we follow closely per each quarter: 

  1. Total Volume (USD)
  2. Number of Sales
  3. Average Price (USD)
  4. % of Profitable Sales 

According to, the 2022 Q1 vs. Q2 Total Volume (USD) report decreased 25% in NFTs sold. Additionally, the total number of sales of NFTs decreased 28% overall between quarters. 

However, the average price per NFT increased by $107 between Q1 and Q2. Also, more collectors were slightly more profitable during each of their sales. 

In 2022, Q1 (First Quarter of the Year)

  • Total Volumne (USD) for NFTs in 2022 Q1: $673,027,296
  • Number of Sales of NFTs in 2022 Q1: 252,968
  • Average Price (USD) for NFTs in 2022 Q1: $2,661 
  • % of Profitable Sales of NFTs in 2022 Q1: 63% 

In 2022, Q2 (Second Quarter of the Year)

  • Total Volumne (USD) for NFTs in 2022 Q2: $501,481,163
  • Number of Sales of NFTs in 2022 Q2: 181,153
  • Average Price (USD) for NFTs in 2022 Q2: $2,768
  • % of Profitable Sales of NFTs in 2022 Q2: 66.4% 

Continuously monitor the performance of the overall NFT market using these four metrics and compare it to how your portfolio is doing. For example, are you selling to take profits, or are you buying to create more value for the future? 

Why Tracking NFT Values Matter 

While it’s entirely up to you on how often you would like to change the potential value of your nfts, it’s still good to be aware of which ones are appreciating and which are depreciating.

In addition, it’s an excellent opportunity to identify the nfts you are willing to sell and at what price or time. For example, if you want to sell once you’ve 2x your original investment, then knowing the current floor price and what you bought it at is essential. 

We often take for granted how easy it is to sell nfts because there’s a built-in marketplace. However, NFT tracking can prevent you from selling too early since you can look at historical data before making those decisions. 

Lastly, monitoring and tracking nft values are fun because you can see which characters or comics are more valuable than others. Also, as a hobbyist, it’s always interesting to see which nfts have long-term potential and which are worth trading to others. 

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