NFT Holder Benefits

Best NFT Holder Benefits To Reward Collectors

The best nft holder benefits are simple, seamless, and impactful.

It’s essential to understand why non-fungible tokens have value in the first place. Whether creating an nft project yourself or buying into these nft collections, understanding utility is critical for producing value. 

Our article goes in-depth on the value of holding an nft, how nfts gain value and why the value of an nft is different for everyone. We explain some of the clear benefits an nft holder will gain and share examples of projects doing it well. 

Let’s dive in: 

What Is the Value of Holding NFTs?


The value of a non-fungible token depends on who is holding the digital asset, how long they are holding it, and what they want to get out of it. 

So it starts with understanding why they’ll want to hold it. For example, some nft projects encourage you to hold them to experience their perks and benefits. 

Here are five reasons why someone would hold an nft and what value it brings them when they do. 

1. Authenticity 

Have you ever bought an autographed collectible and wondered if it was real? Instead of feeling concerned, you know the collectible is accurate because it came from the original creator and has proof. Similar to how copies of artwork or physical collectibles, no matter how accurate, is not as valuable as the originals. 

2. Ownership 

By becoming a stakeholder in the collection, you gain perks others can’t get. Similar to a document that showcases verifiable proof that you own a digital item, it allows access and exclusive opportunities. 

For example, by becoming DAZN boxing nft holder, you get into weekly raffles for signed memorabilia like autographed boxing gloves. 

3. Nostalgia 

Getting the chance to relive your childhood memories or remember moments makes for an enjoyable experience. NFTs bring the feeling of nostalgia and helps you smile more when remembering good times. 

Those longing for nostalgia finds NFTs to capture those memorable moments perfectly because of their format. 

For example, photos or videos can bring you to the exact date and time when an event occurred. 

DAZN boxing nfts include specific rounds and dates when those matches happen. You’ll remember when a boxer got knocked out and won the match. 

4. Status 

You’ll gain the ability to network and make friends. The social connections you gain from owning similar collectibles give you a common topic to discuss and build lifelong friendships. 

In addition, you’ll gain valuable skills from conversations with those who are just as successful as you or more successful.

The ability to ask meaningful questions over coffee or pick someone’s brain can change your daily behaviors. 

You’ll gain a strong sense of belonging and community you otherwise can’t find because everyone’s committed to the broader vision of the nft project. 

5. Copyrights 

Each nft project has a smart contract that includes the terms and conditions regarding copyrights. 

It varies differently per collection; however, here are the most common nft copyrights you’ll see: 

  • Limited, personal, non-commercial license to use
  • Limited commercial license to use
  • Unlimited commercial license to use
  • Fully assign and transfer all copyright

If you are planning to deliver on an nft project, consider which copyrights you want to include in your smart contract. 

However, if you’re collecting nfts, always look up the smart contract via the blockchain to confirm what usage copyrights you will gain upon buying in. 

Why Value for an NFT is Different For Everyone

Owning an nft can have highs and lows emotionally, especially since it’s a risky digital asset that’s built around speculation. However, the precieved value of an nft can be unqiue to the individual. For example, if someone buys a digital collectible and it reminds them of a happy moment in their life, they’ll see more value in it than others who didn’t have that moment.

Also, learn how to check the value of your veve nfts quickly.

Here are examples of how NFTs are valued different for others:

What Benefits Do NFTs Have for Me? 

Depending on the collection’s nft roadmap, there can be numerous perks. Here’s a list of the most common nft benefits you’ll gain as a collector or holder of non-fungible tokens.

  1. Exclusive Merchandise: Hats, Hoodies, and T-Shirts.
  2. In-person Event Access: Annual conferences, meetups, or other events.
  3. Contributions and Input: Voting and sharing ideas to include in final designs. 
  4. Exclusive Collectibles: Physical figures, signed items, or artwork. 
  5. Cryptocurrency: Free crypto or digital royalties. 

What Value Does NFTs Have in General? 

NFTs allow artists, investors, and collectors to liquid digital assets. In addition, it helps trade intellectual property rights if included in the smart contract and creates mini economies for brands. 

As a result, these brands can generate revenue invested in creating better customer experiences or products. 

Our Top 5 Best NFT Holder Benefits List 

Best NFT Benefits For Artists 

1. Promotion: 

As an NFT artist, you’ll likely have your nft collection you’ll want to spread the word about both online and in person. Offer artists this as a benefit, such as shout-outs or mentions on social media when buying into an nft project, can help both parties. 

2. Royalties: 

Give artists a royalty percentage of 0-20% for every resale during the nft project on the same piece of artwork. It encourages artists to stay engaged and rewards their hard work on the nft collection. 

Realistic NFT Benefits for Investors 

1. No more counterfeits: 

NFTs act as a form of authentication which verifies the sale of a product or service on the blockchain. 

Similar to if you were to buy a ticket to an event or purchase a physical collectible. 

The non-fungible token becomes a digital receipt for the purchase, and it can’t be altered or changed in any way. Everything from watches, handbags, or jewelry will use non-fungible tokens as digital receipts to prevent counterfeits and fraud. 

2. Dates and Timestamps: 

When minting NFTs, the blockchain records the exact time and date when it becomes available. So as an investor, you can understand this metadata and see the trends over time on how they perform, unlike physical collectibles.

Since you know how many are in the market at all times and how much they sold for, it gives you context as to when is the right time to buy in, hold or sell off.

Practical NFT Benefits for Flippers

1. Tradable: 

You can trade NFTs for more or equal value, making it worth trying if you have the funds and understand the risks. For example, starting with a non-fungible token like Doodles can get you an Akuzi NFT. 

Ideal NFT Benefits for Businesses

1. Permission Marketing: 

Brands that take advantage of launching an nft project get digital signatures tied to email addresses allowing one too many promotional email communications. 

2. Events & Networking 

Exclusive access to events allows people to network and support a brand. For example, Bored Apes offers a costume contest held aboard a 1,000-person yacht and only accessible to nft holders.

How Can You Benefit from Holding an NFT?

Each nft project has unique benefits or perks for its stakeholders. As an nft holder, you want to know what you get and why it’s valuable to you. 

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of owning an nft. 

Advantages of Owning an NFT

  • Accessibility to resources and social connections 
  • Can turn physical collectibles into digital assets 

Disadvantages of owning an NFT 

  • The high amount of risk since NFTs use cryptocurrency 
  • Difficult to liquidate unless you find someone else who’s willing to buy it 

Lastly, the cost can be a consideration as some nfts are free due to airdrops. 

For example, Shark Week on Discovery Channel launches a free NFT each day of the week. So you get to cherish the moment of this historic week and even create crypto value for the holders. 


It’s an excellent reward for an engaged shark week watcher. Fans can remember the moment and look back on it, collecting each year. 

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